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Microsoft Office
Samantha is very proficient with technology. She has skills in Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and Excel. Samantha has been dealing with computers for almost her whole life.


Samantha's short term goals are to graduate college in four years from the University of Alabama and to receive her nutrition degree. After this she plans to use this and her prior education to attend a two year nursing program in Kentucky, at Bellarmine University. Doing this she will become a registered nurse along with having a nutrition degree. Samantha's expectations for her future life and job is to be successful in life and in her work. She wants to help other people in making and educating them on a healthy lifestyle. She is very proficient when it comes to communicating and connecting with others. She is willing and excited to work with people of all ages.

Samantha is very determined and constant when it comes to completing a task or a job. She puts her mid to things and finishes them with the same strength as when she started. She is someone you can trust as an employee or intern and she is very attentive to details.

Previous Work/Communtiy Service

Samantha involved herself in Promote Health where she was a student volunteer in Louisville, Ky. She did this in the summer of 2013. Samantha went to various soup kitchens around downtown Louisville making nutritional adjustments to serving menus at soup kitchens and provided nutritional education to men and women to help there understanding of good/better health.

Samantha Duffy was also a volunteer at Home of the Innocence. Here she monitored and took care of mentally and physically handicapped people of all ages. Some of the jobs she participated in, during this time, was to assist in making nutritional assessments and help modified therapeutic diets. She did this volunteer job in Louisville, Ky. from 2010 to 2012 about two to three times a week.

Samantha was also a nanny for various families, taking care of them during everyday life activities. Samantha has been babysitting for about 5 years where she encourages exercise and activities, along with providing them with positive nutritional intake during lunch, dinner, and snacks. 

HOLT Elementary School and Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for women have a program called Champions are Readers. This takes place in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This program, Champions are Readers, is a program designed to help elementary school students, particularly 3rd grade, improve their reading levels with the help of college students. Samantha started getting involved with this program in 2012 when she came to Alabama in the fall and continues to do in today. Samantha Duffy really enjoys children and interacting with them as well as people of all ages.

Samantha has also participated in Vacation Bible School as a Volunteer. This is every Sunday at her church in Louisville, Kentucky. She helps explain the bible readings to young children out side the service and get them to understand more about religion. Samantha participated in being a leader for this program in 2010 through 2012 during Sunday mass.

Y-Corps is a program Samantha took part in through the YMCA. This was a Mission trip around Kentucky helping homeless, learning about my state, and bettering the environment of Kentucky. Samantha and her team did this in the summer of 2012 for a week. She built houses, went to soup kitchens, cleaned up around KY, and learned about the state she was from.


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Human Enviromental Science

University of Alabama