Susan De Gaia

Susan De Gaia


Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2013 - Present

Adjunct Professor

Central Michigan University

Teach courses online in Religion and Social Ethics:

World Religions, An Introduction

Death and Dying

Jan 2010 - Present

Test Rater

Educational Testing Services

Graduate Record Exam, analysis and argument

California State University English Placement Test

2007 - 2008

Visiting Scholar

University of California Los Angeles, Department of History

Research women, crime, and punishment in Colonial New England. Study criminal confessions and ministerial statements about women convicted of capital crimes, the social locations and status of female convicts, and links between religious belief and rituals of public execution. 


Jan 2010 - Present

Online Teaching Training Certificate

Cerro Coso College
Series of courses designed to prepare faculty for teaching in the online environment. Certificate of Completion.
Nov 2013 - Present

Online Teacher Training

Central Michigan University, Global Campus
Certificate of completion: Online Teacher Training Workshop


Sep 1998 - Aug 2003


Study norms, values, social institutions and issues within the framework of theological, philosophical and social scientific disciplines. Program divided into three areas of concentration: (1) Religious and Philosophical Approaches to Social Ethics, (2)Religion and Culture, (3) Ethical Analysis and Policy Formation 

Sep 1990 - Jun 1993


Study gender and the ways that intersections of gender, race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, nation, ability, and other differences affect every aspect of society. Secondary emphasis on English composition and literature. 




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