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I attest that Maestro Luca Burini attended the course of Composition at Perugia Music State Conservatory "F.Morlacchi" with me as teacher.

Maestro Burini has worked with very important musical Institutions such as Teatro alla Scala and he has taught Piano at Florence Music State Conservatory "L.Cherubini" as well as Choir conducting and Conducting pedagogy at Milan Music State Conservatory "G.Verdi", where he is actually one of the best teachers. He also worked as Conductor with important orchestras.

It is my opinion that Mr. Burini's artistic activity demonstrates his high professional level, so as to realize a very good work in case he could teach in any American University.


The undersigned prof. C.A.Vittorio Terranova. Professor of Lyric Opera Singing and President of the "Department of Singing and Musical Theatre" to the Music State Conservatory "G. Verdi" in Milan, as well as Professor of "Lyric Opera singing" to the ISO (Internationale Belcanto Akademie-Sommerkurs fur Operasgesang" in Deutschlandesberg (Austria), the coordinator and lecturer of "Music Master Classes" in the Music Academy "G.Marziali" in Seveso/Milano, President and Artistic Director of the International Singing Competition "F.Tagliavini" in Deutschlandesberg (Austria)


I know Maestro Luca Burini for several years now, both as a colleague of the Conservatory, as a professional in the field of Music. Maestro Burini is loveable person, affable, high moral behavior man and extremely high talent, piano professor (at Music State Music Conservatory Cherubini in Florence), Maestro Korrepetitor and Music Assistant Sostituto at La Scala Theater in Milan, formal Professor/Chair of Choir Conducting at Milan Music State Conservatory.

Luce Burini has a high talent for conducting Choirs and the same high talent as Orchestra Conductor (last cooperation with the Symphony Orchestra of Radio and Television Yugoslavia).

Marcello ABBADO

I perfectly remember the Italian Musician Luca Burini. As Director (along 25 yrs.) of the "Giuseppe Verdi" Music State Conservatory in Milan I remember Luca Burini as one of the best Professors, after the experience of Luca Burini as Piano professor of the "Luigi Cherubini" Music State Conservatory in Florence.

As Jury Chiarman of the Teatro alla Scala Competition in 1986 I remeber Luca Burini as winner (1st pl.) of the Competition and I remember his piano collaboration as Music Assistant and Maestro Sostituto.

I remember Luca Burini like a very fine and talented conductor of the Symphony Radio-Television Orchestra in Yugoslavia also.