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 My goal was to find out if the tip of America was and island or a larger continent, I also wanted to break up Spain's rule of the seas and to circumnavigate the world.

Early Life

 I was born in Devonshire, England around 1542 and was the oldest of 12 sons born to Mary Mylwaye Drake and Edmund Drake.


 I received some education at a young age. I  learned navigation and the art of sailing when I became the apprentice to my cousin John Hawkins. He even went sailing around his home a couple of times. I also know how to speak English and Spanish.


My father taught me how to sail at the young age of 12. Then when I was 18 I became an apprentice to my cousin John Hawkins, where I learned to navigate. In the 1560's I received my first ship called the Judith In which I used sail so that I could trade slaves in Africa. 



Pelican(The Golden Hind), Elizabeth, Swan, Marigold, Benedict

I sailed around the world from 1577 to 1580. This is a big part of what made me one of the most renowned sailors of the Elizabethan era. It helped me get a more true and more accurate picture of the world's geography.

Voyage to Panama


I had a voyage to Panama from 1570-1571 in which I was looking for ships to attack and loot so I could share the goods with the queen. On this voyage I made friends with some cimarrones, former slaves who had left to live as outlaws. I became especially close to one cimarrone in particular though his name is Diego and he accompanied me on some of my other voyages.

Final Voyage


My final voyage was tp Panama as well during 1595-1596. I died of dysentery, which is an infection of my intestines that caused diarrhea with blood and mucus in it. After many days, my suffering ended and I died in January 1596 of the Panama coast. I was thrown overboard in a full suit of armor.


Tierra del Fuego

Archipelago or Continent?

I discovered that the land I believed was part of a bigger continent, that lay south of the Magellan Strait, was actually just and archipelago.


  • I was involved with piracy 
  • I am responsible for the death of the entire population of Rathlin Island
  • attacked and stole from many Spanish ships