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Work experience

Sep 2009Present


King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Lecturer - Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technology

Academic Responsibility

  • Teaching courses to Diploma level students for the Associate Degree Program. This includes the complete assessment of the students' performance throughout the course. I have taught courses on Electronic Circuits, Solid State Devices, Industrial Electronics and Electronic Workshop.
  • I have supervised graduating students while undertaking their mandatory cooperative training at various industries. This includes a comprehensive layout of their performance evaluation such as report writing, company evaluation and a final presentation.
  • Academic advising to students to guide them through their degree plan with the objective that the students fulfill the degree requirements in the prescribed time.

Administrative Responsibility

  • Responsible for the semester time table scheduling for the Electrical Department.
  • Responsible for making the Operation Plan for the Electrical Department.
  • BS program committee member where I am in-charge of the Undergraduate textbook ordering.
Feb 2006Aug 2009

Research Assistant

King Fahd University Of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran Saudi Arabia

Signal Processing - Telecommunication

  • My job was to assist professors in various areas of research where I was involved in different signal processing and telecommunication problems. This required rigorous literature surveys, analytical analysis, reproduction and verification of results through computer simulations.
  • My main interest of research is in the performance analysis of Adaptive Filters and their application to communication systems. Particularly, I have dealt with application like system identification and equalization. My interest in Digital Communication pertains to MIMO systems, CDMA systems and UWB systems.
  • My academic responsibilities included teaching laboratory sessions to undergraduate students where I taught electronics.

Research Interests

  • Adaptive Signal Processing and its application.
  • Wireless Communication
  • CDMA Systems, MIMO System and UWB Systems
Mar 2002Nov 2005

Service Support Engineer

Saudi International Trading & Marketing Ltd., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

 Optoelectronic Instruments

  • Identified and equipped the service center with the proper tools/vendor-provided software.
  • Provided service support for surveying equipment like Leica Total Station; a highly sophisticated instrument for surveying. It involved troubleshooting and fixing of various electrical, optoelectronic, system software and mechanical problems.
  • Troubleshooting board level electrical/ optoelectronic problems, along with system software and calibration related issues with vendor-provided software.


  • I was responsible for managerial tasks like inventory control, correspondence and productivity reports and analysis.

Lecturer/Electrical Engineer

Education - Evaluation - Assessment

  • Teaching Diploma Level courses, laboratory sessions to Undergraduate students.
  • Technically sound in grasping new concepts.
  • Eager to work on professionally challenging jobs.
  • Possess efficient administrative skills.


  • S. M. Asad, A. Zerguine, and M. Moinuddin, "On the convergence analysis of a variable step-size LMF algorithm of the quotient form," in Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2010 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 3722-3725, IEEE, 2010.
  • “Variable Step – Size Least Mean Fourth Adaptive Algorithm: Basics, Concepts and Analysis”, (2010), VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, ISBN: 978-3639249392.

  • K. Mahmood, S. M. Asad, M. Moinuddin, "A Comparative Study of MIMO DFE Receivers", Asian Journal on Engineering, Sciences and Technology, vol. 1, no. 1, pp 26-30, Mar 2011 


Feb 2006Jun 2009

Master of Science

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
  • Master of Science thesis on the topic of Variable Step-Size Least-Mean Fourth Algorithm of the Quotient Form. The thesis encompasses the whole research hierarchy of problem identification, literature survey, problem formulation, analysis and results.
  • The work is analyzed for various channel and noise environments like Rayleigh Fading and Normal, Laplacian and Uniform noise.
  • Worked on different signal processing and telecommunication related problems during course projects that included adaptive blind channel equalization, system identification, rake receivers, UWB systems, CDMA systems.

Bachelor of Science

Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

  • Covered courses in Communication Systems, Microprocessor & Interfacing, Power Electronics, Networking and Navigation.
  • Implemented a PC based Spectrum Analyzer using standard I/O through Analog to Digital Converters employing key Digital Signal Processing techniques like Fast Fourier Transform programmed in C language and LABView as a final project in undergrad.


Analytical Analysis
  Use of mathematical analysis, particularly of Energy Conservation Method, in the design and performance analysis of Adaptive Filters.  
  Extensive use of MATLAB in the simulation of various signal processing techniques in telecommunication systems. Techniques pertain to adaptive filters and their application to communication systems like CDMA, MIMO and UWB.