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I .like to work on Excel, PP and MS word

2. I play Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, and Cricket.

3. I like doing adventure Trek.


Toworkinacreativeand  challengingenvironmentand  effectivelycontributetowardsthegoaloforganization.Toserve theprofessionwithgreatestsincerity,dedication,devotionand  diligence.


Pathways,aninternationalschoolforapproximately1,000 StudentsfromPreNurserytoGrade 12,offertheflexibilityof day, weeklyand  trimlyboardingoptions.ThemediumofinstructionisEnglishand  thecurriculumincludesthePrimary Yearsand  DiplomaProgrammersoftheInternationalBaccalaureateOrganizationofGenevaand  theInternational GeneralCertificateforSecondaryEducationoftheUniversityofCambridge,England.Pathwaysgraduatesare  prepared forentrytodegreecoursesinfirst-classuniversitiesinIndia,theUSA,and  theUKand  allovertheworld.Kindlyvisit www.pathways.informoredetailsabout theschool.

Work experience

Jul 2012Present

Physical Education Teacher/Cricket Coach

Pathways World School (IB School)
  1. PYP Early Years Classes
  2. PYP Classes from Grade  2 - 5
  3. Making Scheme of work according to guideline
  4. MYP Classes from Grade  6 - 8
  5. Preparing lesson plan according to syllabus
  6. Running MYP curriculum (In that taking soccer,track and  field,gymnastics,lesson and  theory  as well) 
  7. Taking SAP and  CAS Classes
  8. Running coaching Program in the evening for cricket
  9. Giving Cricket Coaching in Yuvraj Singh Center  of Excellence Acadmey
  10.  Preparing Different Age Group School Cricket team  for tournament
  11.  Attended  One Day introductory workshop on MYP
  12. Successfully Conduct  Inter School for various sports.
  13. Regularly assess and  mark the students' work following the guideline of the school's assessment policy


Jul 2010May 2012


Lakshmibai University Of Physical Education
Jan 2011Jan 2011


Board Of Control For Cricket In India


Jul 2013Jul 2013

One Day Introductory Workshop On MYP

Internationl Bacculrate
Jan 2011Jan 2011

Vizzy Trophy Gold Medal Certificate

Jan 2011Jan 2011

Level A Cricket Coaching



Dushyant singh