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Cisco ASA Firewalls 

Cisco  Call Manager Express VOIP

Cisco Routers & Switches VLANS

Microsoft NT to 2003

Microsoft AD Polices and Profiles

Microsoft Exchange 2000 to 2007

Microsoft Networking 

DOS batch and login scripting

CItrix Access Essentials

Citrix Access Gateway

Citrix Presentation Server

Equiinet Firewalls


Mac OS 

Sage 4GL Programming

VMware ESX

Zultys Telephony

Remote Access


Full Driving License


Experienced and innovative IT consultant with over twenty two  years experience on almost all areas of computing including  local and wide area networking , Microsoft , Citrix and Cisco, Voice over IP, etc. As a result of working in a small company I have developed multiple and diverse skills, a "can do" attitude, and the ability to learn quickly. I possess excellent customer facing skills, natural teaching ability, to work under pressure, to tight deadlines and to work effectively in a team. 


Cisco CCNT

Cisco IP Telephony Express

Citrix CCEA Metaframe 1.8

Citrix CCA Metafame XP

Citrix CCA Presentation Server 4.0

Citrix Access Gateway 4.2 

Equiinet Engineer

Microsoft MCSE NT 4.0

Zultys ZCSE

Work experience


Senior Technical Consultant

GCC Innova

As the senior technical consultant I spend the majority of the time in customer-focused activities. These include 3rd level technical help-desk, onsite pre and post sales, project implementation and disaster recovery.

Design, implement and conduct customer based training in formal class room environments as well as training technical staff on a one to one or ad-hoc basis.

These are just a few of projects I have been involved with:-

Designed and implemented an IP Telephony system for Mitsubishi Air-conditioning six regional sales offices based on Zultys. This included creating a call centre for their spares and warranty centre in Manchester. 

Designed, implemented and installed a complete network for Monmouth School for Boys. This is a 'locked down" Microsoft 2003 network including Microsoft Exchange and Citrix Presentation Server for 300+ workstations making extensive use of Active Directory and Remote Installation Services to install and manage applications. This allows the characteristics of the workstation to change depending on the login and its location. A Citrix Presentation Server farm is used to isolate the students' dormitories from the main school network and to allow remote access via Remote gateway. 

Acted as a technical consultant for British Energy helping rolling out Citrix Presentation Server internally and externally for 1000+ users.  

Designed and implemented a secure remote access portal for DCS Europe using Citrix and  Safeword access tokens for remote sales team.

Implemented a test VM environment  for a recruitment  company to rehearse and document  an Active Directory rename and migration after company merger.


Technical Consultant


Primarily a consultant on thin client technology. Consulted on large Citrix installations for major corporate customers, including:-

Motorola, Cargill, Barclays Bank, Merill Lynch, Barrings Bank and Blockbuster Video. 

Installed Citrix implementations in South America, Europe and Singapore.

Designed, Implemented and delivered Citrix Training Courses on Winframe and later Metaframe 1.8

Responsible for the design, implementation and development of a large Citrix installation at Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education. This services the entire student population of 10,000 students. 

Installed mail systems based on Microsoft Exchange and embedded Linux system, primarily Equiinet Netpilot


Programmer & Technical Consultant


Joined GCC as part of the management buyout from GCCL. I was responsible for designing, programming and implementing a dealer service system for Mitsubishi Motors. This system transferred and updated customers service details with the ICL mainframe at Cirencester, via computers at the branch sites.

I was also the senior programmer for Sage 4GL. Developed many turnkey solutions, including a link from Sage Payroll to Blick Time and attendance controller and a vertical stock control system for the catering trade. 

Investigated the use of Citrix programs to run Accountancy programs remotely. Tested early Citrix Programs (Winview) and installed one of the first Citrix installations In the UK. 

I also helped to run and support the Help desk as 2nd line support, including writing the Help Desk software.


Computer Operator


Working on ICL mainframes 2966-2988 using VME & George 3.

Responsible for writing & maintaining a billing suite written in ICL COBOL to charge customers for mainframe usage. Sub-contracted to work in Bristol at London and Scottish Insurance for over a year.

In 1989 GCCL created a personal computer business and I was slowly co-opted from the mainframe side of the business to help set-up and run the technical department. I developed skills in CPM, DOS, multiuser DOS, GEM, and Windows and early networking standards 3com and Novell .

Trained and certified IBM PS/2  and AST field service engineer  


Marsh Hill Comprehensive School

1 'A' Level (Grade D) & 5 'O' Levels (Grade C) Incl. Maths & English

Gloucester College of Art and Technology

Studied 1st year HND Computer Studies