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Safer Workplaces with EMEX

Health and safety are primary concerns for many companies in high-risk industries. Mining, extraction and heavy industry all carry inherent risks in the types of work performed by workers on a daily basis, and increasing safety can reduce a company’s costs while enhancing employees’ quality of life on the job. That is why EMEX has rolled out software solutions aimed at helping these types of companies manage risks and incidents. Their Incident & Event Management module is a cornerstone of these types of health and safety measures.


Simon Kelly is the Chief Strategy Officer at EMEX, and he helps larger clients implement solutions geared towards capturing and analysing data more effectively. The Incident & Event Management module produces useful data that shows the types and numbers of incidents that have occurred in an organisation, as well as tracking of remediation efforts to ensure proper management processes are followed. This data can be further analysed to hone processes further in the future. For further information about Simon Kelly please visit his online blog.