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Innovative engineering student with a passion for design. 


University of San Diego Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

Aug 2015Present

BS/BA in Mechanical Engineering

Overall GPA: 3.82

Activities and Societies: 

3D Printing Club, Active Minds, Humanitarian Engineering Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Entrepreneurship Club, and University of San Diego Rock Climbing Team


Mortar Board Honor Society 

Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering Honor Society

Expected graduation: Spring 2018

San Diego Mesa College

Aug 2013Jun 2015

Major: Mechanical Engineering

University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering

Aug 2012Jun 2013

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Activities and Societies: 

Formula Society of Automotive Engineers, Engineers Without Borders, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and University of Pittsburgh Snowboarding Team

Henry M. Gunn High School

Aug 2007Jun 2011

Activities and Societies: 

Auto Club Autocross Race Team Awards:  Automotive Technology Award

Sports: Varsity Lacrosse team 2009- 2010, 2010- 2011

Technical Skills

Metal Shop

Through University of San Diego's shop class I have become proficient in the vertical mill, manual lathe, vertical & horizontal metal band saws, box and pan brake, sheet metal shear and drill press


Took courses in High school on the process and use of CNC machines namely the Shopbot CNC wood router. Now in summer 2016 I have built my own 30"x30" CNC router and making a custom longboard.


Taken at the Techshop in Menlo Park:

  • Concepts of CNC 
  • CAD to CAM Software - Mastercam, VCarve Pro and Cut3D
  • CNC Shopbot SBU

3D Printing

Started learning about 3D printing in spring semester 2016, summer 2016 I bought my own dual extruder 3D printer and in summer 2016 I built a mostly printed CNC machine using the 3D printer as well as a couple little projects for friends. 

Laser Cutting and Etching


Taken at the MakerPlace in San Diego:

  • Laser Cutting and Etching SBU

Learned how to use a laser cutter in their class and then further learned about laser cutting in my Machine Shop class at University of San Diego.

Projects:  Used this knowledge in my ENGR 101 class at USD to design, cut, and build a car which was our final project. Also increased my knowledge on it for my own projects out of school.

Computer Aided Design

High School: Started using CAD software or 3D imaging software from classes on Google Sketchup.


  • BMX bikes in early years of high school
  • RAM air intake for E46 BMW 325Ci
  • Redesign an 8 ft. bridge
  • Design an iPhone holder for my car
  • Design a multi-level hot tub deck
  • Model the structure of the BeerPong Table
  • Longboard for my CAD class at City College
  • Model and design of the RC car final project for class at USD

Solidworks: Taught myself the beginner techniques using the tutorials on Solidworks and increased my own education of Solidworks while I was doing work at the Techshop. When I was a student at San Diego Mesa College I took an Engineering Drawing course that taught me to use Solidworks efficiently and skillfully 

Arduino/C Programming and Configuring

Initially learned C and C++ languages in programming class at University of Pittsburgh.


Taken at the MakerPlace in San Diego:

  • Introduction to configuring, programming, and building basics circuits with an Arduino

Projects: incorporated knowledge of the Arduino plus C and C++ to use an Arduino in a BeerPong Table (see designed and built project under wood) that listens to music and uses Fourier analysis to break down the song into bands of frequency which then control 8 rings of LEDs that are in the BeerPong table, thus creating a light show that responds to any music played around the table. 

I also incorporated this knowledge in my ENGR 101 class to optimize the code for our final project of building a car that can be controlled to go up an incline drop off metal barrels and return back down the slope to the initial starting location. 

3D Scanning and Editing


Taken  at the Techshop in Menlo Park:

  • 3D Scanning and Editing on the NextEngine 

Wood Working

Been working with wood since I was a kid in my Dad's workshop.


Taken at the MakerPlace in San Diego: 

  • Introduction to Woodshop 
  • Intermediate Woodshop

Built Projects: 

Hard Wood Long Board Build:

Designed and built a long board that is four feet in length, comprised of lengths of Redheart and Oak on the top of the board with a Maple stringer and Mahogany, Cherry, and Walnut on the bottom with the same maple stringer going through both sides.

Board/Stick Rack:

Designed and built a skateboard and lacrosse stick stand/holder in the shape of two surfboards coming out of the ground, bevelled each holder to the exact fit for either the skateboards or lacrosse sticks

The BeerPong Table:

Designed and built an 8 by 3 foot table, composed of two beams 6x2 inches x 8 feet long with 1x4 support beams going across the length of the bottom of the table and two supporting beams on each end of the table that hold the triangles for beer pong and have a Walnut stringer that goes down the middle of the supporting beam and follows on through the middle of the triangle. The structure of the table is held together with only glue. All the connections between structural components are Mortise and Tenon joints. The table is made entirely made of hardwood Maple except for the Walnut stringer, the plexiglass top, and all the electronic guts inside that put on the light show (Arduino technology, see below). 

Hardwood Cutting/Bread Boards: 

Used scraps from the longboard build and a couple other projects to make one large cutting board and two cheese boards for my Mom

Shelves with classic Mortise and Tenon joints.

Carbon Fiber Fabrication


Taken at the Techshop in Menlo Park:

  • Introduction to Carbon Fiber Making:
    • In which I learned how to make small parts using a press.

Projects:  Made Carbon Fiber and Kevlar pieces for the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers, these mainly consisted of aerodynamic pieces of our mini formula one car using vacuum bag techniques.

Work experience

Enova Systems Inc.

Sep 2011Oct 2011


Worked with mechanical and electrical engineers as well as shop techs to learn the ins and outs of how this hybrid energy company takes in huge vehicles such as school buses, UPS vans, and the such and converts them to hybrid or full clean energy vehicles.
(Only got to work here a couple weeks because the company encountered financial issues) 

Vail Resorts

Dec 2011Apr 2012

Snowboard Instructor

Worked as a snowboard instructor at Northstar at Tahoe for the winter of my gap year between high school and college.

Things I'm Stoked About

Rock Climbing 


Long Boarding



Autocross Racing

BMX Biking

Olympic Lifting