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Work experience

May 2011Aug 2011

Summer Research Assistant/Amgen Scholar

Columbia University, Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory (Columbia University Medical Center)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic

Characterization of a novel microbioreactor array used to study the effects of protein gradients on fate specification and differentiation of human embryonic stem cells

  • Produced mathematical simulations of the velocity and mass transport phenomena throughout a novel bioreactor array.
  • Experimentally verified theoretical models using fluorescent microscopy techniques.
  • Fully characterized the transport phenomena throughout the bioreactor and generated a comprehensive model of the system.
  • Written paper detailing my findings and presentation given to faculty member and fellow scholars
May 2010May 2011

Independent Undergraduate Researcher

Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Minnesota, Biostabilization Laboratory

Principal Investigators: Dr. Alptekin Aksan and Dr. Allison Hubel 

Design and characterization of a silica-based keratoprosthesis

  • Developed silica-collagen hydrogels on a molecular level that have favorable mechanical, optical and biocompatible properties.
  • Designed protocols and methods for testing biomechanical properties and optical characteristics.
  • Worked on conjugation reactions to enhance mechanical strength of different hybrid materials.



Honors student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities College of Science and Engineering majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Experience in biomaterials and tissue engineering applications through research experiences at the University of Minnesota and Columbia University.  Experience with sol-gel chemistry, FTIR, organic-inorganic hybrid matrix design, microscopy, modeling, biomechanics testing and cell culture.

Research interests in tissue engineering, fluid mechanics, cell mechanics, stem cell regulation and control, biotechnology and therapeutics.

Interested in gaining experience and connections while moving toward advanced studies in engineering through the pursuit of an advanced engineering degree.

Awards and Honors

  • Minnesota High Tech Foundation Scholarship
  • Ronald L. and Janet A. Christenson Scholarship
  • Amgen Scholar/Scholarship
  • Undergraduate Research Award/Grant
  • Founders’ Scholarship