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Hey, my name is Simon, I'm a full-stack web developer (javascript/rails) looking for new professional challenges! I would describe my personality as creative, organized, analytical and calm. I perform best in a well-structured environment with few distractions. If you'd believe an MBTI test, it would label me as INTJ-ish. 

My Strengths : Creating systems (checklists/automating things) to reduce waste of resources (time, energy & money), organising & analysing information to solve problems, planning and my direct  communication style.

My Interests: Health, personal development, technology, writing, psychology, boardgames & science fiction/fantasy.

Some Latest Projects;

Work History

May 2017Present

Frontend Web Developer

IDA MediaFoundry NV

Developing custom front-end applications and converting design to HTML.

Feb 20162017

Full-stack Web Developer


Developing landing-pages, web-applications, custom websites and personal projects as freelancer.

Mar 2014Apr 2014


Crossfit Leuven

Crossfit training , technical training and general strength & conditioning

Mar 2014Mar 2014


Airsoft Battlegame

Organizing an airsoft-event


Sep 2012Sep 2016

Professional Bachelor Sports & Movement


Training methods, nutritional  guidance, sports marketing, anatomy, physiology, general psychology and entrepreneurship

Dec 2015Feb 2016

Certificate Business Management

Central Examination Board

Insurance, Law, Bookkeeping & Fiscality

Sep 2006Jul 2012

Math & Sciences (Secondary Ed.)

College Hagelstein

General education with a focus on mathematics and sciences (chemistry, biology & physics)



Knowledge: HTML, (S)CSS, Javascript/jQuery/React, Ruby, Rails & WordPress, Jenkins
Extra: Node, Flux, Redux, React native, Electron, Bootstrap, Github, Heroku, AWS, Docker, Minitest

What can I do with this? Website/webshop development & deployment, Managing CI infrastructure (using Jenkins), Webscraping, Web application development & converting PSD to HTML


Blogging & Creative Writing

Knowledge: Personal development, Blogging, Article/e-Book Writing, Search engine optimization & Content researching
What can I do with this? Researching & Writing Articles, Content marketing (AIDA model ), Written communication, E-book creation, Social media management & Email Marketing

Personal Training

Knowledge: Training Methods, Nutritional Guidance, Sports Marketing, Anatomy, Physiology, General Psychology & Entrepreneurship
What can I do with this? Nutritional Planning, Workout planning, Health consulting (recuperation, ergonomics , habits, motivation, ...)