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  • Via Zanella 2, Piove di Sacco (Padova), 35028 Italy
  • +393407327131 - Skype: silvia.gab

Silvia Gabbatore

Work experience

Oct 2016ongoing



I assist the Country Director in the management of the ongoing projects. My main tasks are

- to draft financial reports

- to participate in the coordination with the local partners and the local staff

- to facilitate the communication between the Italian headquarters and the local partners in relation to the sponsorship program

- to write articles for the NGO website

- to translate documents (Italian to English and vice versa)

Jan 2015Apr 2016


Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori Alumni Association (Italy)

I contributed to the project “Fare ricerca: mai così facile!”. I prepared and gave lessons to introduce the concept of "research" in schools (from primary to high school). I also wrote the manual to be used in middle schools starting from the second edition of the project.

Other Relevant Experiences

  • Participation to the International Youth Forum on Water and Climate in Paris (December 2015).
    The participants were supposed to prepare street-actions and flashmobs to raise awareness about water sustainability; we attended meetings and workshops with international water-security activists.
  • Member of ControTempi Organization (Padova, Italy).
    The organization's main objectives are the promotion of social cohesion, active citizenship, democratic participation and the advocacy for workers' rights. I organized and advertised events, wrote drafts, reports and articles
  • Scrutineer during 2015 Regional Elections in Piove di Sacco (Padova, Italy).
  • From 1998 to 2007 I was member of  AGESCI (Italian Scout Movement).


Oct 2015June 2016

Master in Development and Cooperation (Development and Emergencies)

Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI, Italy)

Relevant subjects: Project cycle management, Emergencies Management, DRR, Media and development, Human Rights and humanitarian protection, Urban Sustainable Development, Conflict Analysis and Negotiation, Migration and Development, Gender and Development, International Relations, Economy, Law, Geography.

04 May11 May 2016

Study Tour in Israel and OPTs


Organized by ISPI and focused on the Bedouin Communities situation in Area C (Jerusalem); we met four Bedouin Communities and key-informants from OCHA, OXFAM and the Parents' Circle NGO. We also visited Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem and we had meetings with representatives  from the Palestinian authority.

Oct 2009Nov 2015

Diploma in Scienze Morali

Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori (Italy)

Awarded: first-class with honors (100/100 cum laude)

Relevant subjects: Human Rights, Informatics, Political Philosophy, Neurosciences and Philosophy.

Oct 2009Nov 2014

Master of Art, Philosophy

Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy)

Awarded: first-Class with honors (110/110 cum laude)

Relevant subjects: Political Philosophy, Ethics, Anthropology

Dissertation title: Lévi-Strauss and the savage mind.

Sep 2014Jun 2014


Lyon 3 (France)

Relevant subjects: Political Philosophy, Ethics, Introduction to French culture.

Language Skills







native speaker

native speaker

native speaker

native speaker


fluent (C2)

fluent (C1)

fluent (C1)

fluent (C1)


fluent (C2)

fluent (C1)

fluent (C1)

fluent (C1)


intermediate (B2)

Intermediate (B1)

Intermediate (B1)

Intermediate (B1)

Other Skills

  • COMMUNICATION skills: Thanks to my previous experience in theater, I have developed very good written and verbal communication skills and the capacity of speaking in public, in particular in Italian, French and English.


  • PROBLEM SOLVING skills: I have results-oriented problem-solving skills, a fine analytical and critical spirit and excellent learning ability and adaptability.


  • COMPUTER skills: very confident with Microsoft Office pack and the most used browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer); very confident with social networks, in particular Facebook; good expertise with Windows and Chrome OS; good knowledge of searching engines.

Other Information

• One scientific publication: Kant. On Politics, Moral and History, in Aa. Vv., Prima e dopo il Leviatano, a cura di Merio Scattola e Paolo Scotton, Padova, CLEUP, 2014, pp. 227-250.

• Driving licence (class B).