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Work experience

Oct 2007Mar 2009

customer support


Bassic trouble shooting of cell phones, Taking payments, changing service from one device to another, updating notations on customer accounts, explaining bills and billing systems, assisting customers to program phones. Taking calls. Reporting network issues. As a phone agent I was also responcible for researching and remaining current on the latest up grades, upcoming and new products, any known issues with the new products and taking orders for new cell phones.

  Many times a day I researched accounts and past histories for my customers to ensure they were on the best phone plans with the best options for them, while ensuring the plans were cost effective for my customers. I had to explain the options and benifits of each plan and service, and many times walk customers through their self help options like registering for and navagating

Sep 2007Oct 2007


Worked at waste management recycling site in Silverdale area. Lifting and shifint heavy loads, directing trafic in and out of the dump site, monitered multiple locations for dumpster swap outs as well as load control. General cleaning, customer relations.

Jun 2006Sep 2007


Athena Gee

Clean the house, cooked the meals, transported the kids to and from school. Cared for the children maintaining their health and enviroment as well as managing their activities.


Sep 1981Oct 1983


Olympic High School


Office skills
  I am an aspiring author as well as having used typing in differant jobs. I am able to type while listening (dictation), type notations into an account while dealing with a customer. I can read most peoples writing, file, and manage most word programs, Microsoft Excel. I learned to multi task early while raising 4 children of my own as a single mom, and also learned to remain calm in most situations.
Answering phones
  I am able to multi task setting appointments, type notes, research using a computer. I believe in maintaining a friendly but professional interaction with the customer. Many times the voice on the phone has a better chance of setting a first impression than any advetisement the customer may have seen.
Physical laborer
  I am not a woman who is afraid of getting dirty or actively involved. I am able to and frequently do lift 100+ pounds, I have worked as construction clean up, resteraunt clean up, on farms, and even as a construction worker.
Customer service
  I understand the need as well as the benifits of empathy, education, and strong listening skills when dealing with people. I have been praised often by supervisors for thinking "outside the box" to find quick and effective solutions to problems that can arise in dealing with each person and thei unique situation.


Catherine Lang

  Mrs. Lang has known me all my life. She is the one who instilled a strong work ethnic in me and began my expierence with customer service. Mrs. Lang also ensured I had more than basic accounting and people skills.

Desiree Cyphers

Ms. Cyphers was my supervisor for several months at teletech and saw first hand how I interact with people as well as learn, multitask, and deal with stressful situations.


  I would like to remain ing the customer service feild, dealing with people, especially in a problem solving or customer assistance type situation. I excell at "meet and greet" as well as educating customers on ways to prevent or solve problems.


  I work best when given a task and the tools to perform it, then left to do so. I can work under pressure without "cracking". I can work alone or with a group. I try to look at the lighter side of everything while keeping things in perspective, and encourage my co-workers to do the same. I am willing to give my all to an employer. I am a quick learner and actually enjoy learning new things. I enjoy dealing with a variety of personalities.


  I am an aspiring author. I also hold interests in psychology, abnormal psychology, parapsychology, out door activities such as camping, hiking, hunting and fishing.