Sikandar Iqbal

Sikandar Iqbal

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2012 - Present


StaffUp Sverige AB

Machines and software operator, packing and expedition (dispatch, handling) of production and scanning according demand products.Working on material handling truck Operating production line equipmentReporting equipment faults to maintenance staffOperated factory equipment and machinery according to company instructions and standard defined procedures.

Jan 2009 - Dec 2009

System/ Network Engineer

Science & Technology

Maintains network infrastructure including Routers, Layer 3 switches, Firewalls, Internet load balancing, LAN/WAN, DNS, and Web/Spam filters, Installing, supporting and maintaining new server hardware and software infrastructure,managing the website and keeping internal networks running. Planning, implementation and maintenance of system security control. Maintain & updates security policy at user, group and  organizational unit level to improve secure data transmission measure. Installation, configuration, maintenance and periodic updates of system & application server with their drivers, packs, updates and patches. Workstations (Window XP) with their drivers, service pack, updates & patches and Antivirus, Microsoft Office, Email & outlook, printer sharing etc. Security, system & application logs maintenance and errors removing. Provide system level support to Head office and branch users, Hardware troubleshooting and maintenance, Installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of application software, Liaison with vendorsfor link maintenance and warranty Claims.

Aug 2007 - Nov 2009

BSS/RAN Engineer


BSS/RAN Engineer

Working as BSS/RAN (BSS, MW) implementation engineer in BSS Department on UFONE (Etisalat) Project Phase V, VI & VII.  Ufone(Etisalat)  is the 2nd operator (GSM 900/1800 band) in Pakistan and using Huawei Equipment.

My responsibilities were as follow:

§  Perform Alarm Monitoring, Fault Isolation, Analysis, Correction and verification.

§  BSS and RAN Corrective and Preventive maintenance.

§  Responsible for all operational tasks related to Network behavior, QoS and 24 Hours x 7 day Network Alarm Surveillance, Fault Detection and Diagnosis.

§  Preventive maintenance - responsible for the modification of existing system routines and creation of new temporary routines and follow up.

§  Creation of Trouble Tickets for Outages, environment alarms and other critical Alarms.

§  Performed the maintenance of Huawei RTN 600(610, 605 & 620) and (2G/3G) Huawei BTS 3900.

§  Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Huawei LMT for 2G BTS3012.

§  Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Huawei T2000 for RTN620.

§  Proficient usage of different Huawei software's e.g. LMT DBS3900 WCDMA, BTSM, Web LCT, optic tool kit, navigator software, HyperTerminal, OMT to access and troubleshoot different Huawei 2G and 3G RAN products (Node B, 2G BTS).

Proficient in huawei 2G & 3G node integration, commissioning and software up gradation.

§  Close-out the trouble ticket/work order and forward the proper root Cause to NOC after analysis.

§  Make plan and Implement the Monthly PM schedule for BTS sites.

§  Provide Complete Support to Rollout team for PAT activity for MW and BTS.

§  Perform Optimization and Call testing for On Air sites. During Optimization perform call test activity and check the issues like (Call Drop, Noise, Sound, Echo, and Handover).

§  Provide Technical Support regarding Network outages.

§  Support to Front Office and Back office during the Outage Activity or perform testing for sites.

§  Subcontracting services management & controlling.

§  Software up gradation of 2G and 3G Node B.

§  Resolve VSWR & swapping issues.

§  E1 Testing using BERT, Media clearance and Fault detection.

§  Supervising the Patching of E1's on NOKIA BSC DDF.

§  Supervise the ABIS and ATERS patching in BSC.

§  Visit the IBS sites and perform Maintenance for On Air IBS sites.

§  Supervising the Sub Contractors


My Main Expertise as BSS/RAN Engineer are :

§  Installation, commissioning of Rollout sites.

§  Plan & implement for Roll out BTS 3012, BTS 3012AE, BTS 3900 & IBBS.

§  Installation & Commissioning of Huawei Macro and Micro BTS sites.

§  Rich experience on Huawei MW RTN 600.

§  Provide complete support during implementation, Call test ATP & On-Air.

§  Alarm Monitoring and remote support through Huawei LMT.

§  Training on Huawei BSC 6000 and LMT.

§  Hardware installation of BTS and commission of BTS, Power System & IBBS.

§  Complete command on O&M of Huawei BTS and external and internal alarm system.

§  ATP for Huawei BTS 3012 & 3012AE for U-FONE project.

Huawei Documentation:

§  Maintain Daily activity Reports for implementation, Call test ATP & On-Air.

§  Prepare MR for Roll out BTS 3012, BTS 3012AE & IBBS.

§  Prepare all Documents for Subcons and PR.

NEC (MICROWAVE) environment:

§  Installation and Inspection of NEC PDH, SDH Microwave Link sites.

§  Working on NEC Microwave Equipment (soft ware & hard ware) Paso Link V4, SDH and PDH supported.

§  Supervising the installation and commissioning of Microwave Antenna following the Link Budget using             PNMT (J4) Software.

§  Supervise the installation & commissioning of SD, XPIC & STM links.

§  Command on software of Paso Link (PNMT, PNMTJ and LCT).

§  Hard ware installation of IDU, ODU of NEC (PDH, SDH) equipment and commission.

§  Software commissioning of equipment by using software of PNMT.

§  ATP for Huawei on NEC equipment for U-FONE project.

Feb 2007 - Jul 2007

RF Implementation Engineer

Nokia Siemens Networks Telecommunications Industry

Worked for NSN Islamabad Pakistan,RF Planning department under NSN-Telenor project as an RF Planning Site Engineer. My responsibilities were as follow:

§RF Planning including power level.

§Antenna types, and its tilting, optimum coverage, minimum adjacent and co-channel interference.

§Profiling using MapInfo, Map Source, and Google Earth. Zero point identification for new sites.

§Conduct site surveys and prepare the TSS reports, pan and prepares DT routes.

§Liaison with the site acquisition department.

§Radio Propagation principles, interference analysis, traffic management advanced and capacity planning analysis of new Roll Out Drive Tests.

§Post Analysis through TEMS route analysis, overall check on frequency and neighbor planning and post optimization of the frequency implementations.

§Daily/Weekly network overview reports for Traffic plots, Trunk Utilization, Network Performance and QOS.

§Capacity analysis, to analyze statistical data in order to determine traffic load and areas of congestion in the system and proposing expansion.


Jan 2010 - Mar 2011


University of Boras Sweden

System Development Philosophies,UML, Interaction Design,Human Informations Systems,Information Systems and Business Processes &Consequences of IT in Business.

Sep 2003 - Jun 2007

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

Communication Systems:

§Major courses taken include GSM architecture, Data communication & Computer Networks, Telecomm transmission system, Telecomm switching, Antenna & wave Propagation theory, Signal & System, Digital Signal Process & digital Electronics. Wireless communication, Digital Signal Processing, Satellite Signal & Systems, Analog & Digital Communication.


§Electronics I/II, Digital Logic and Design, Real Time Embedded Systems, Microprocessor Systems, Circuit Analysis, Advance Computer Architecture, System on Chip.

Information Technology:

§DBMS, Data Structure, Software Engineering, Engineering Economics & Project Management




Provide Technical support to site, Sweep tests (VSWR) testing Use of site analyzer.(BIRD) RF Power, frequency calibration & Return loss measurement for BTS. RF Planning including power level, antenna types, and its tilting. Optimum coverage, minimum adjacent and co-channel interference. Profiling using MapInfo, Map Source, and Google Earth. Zero point identification for new sites. Conduct site surveys and prepare the TSS reports. Plan and prepares DT routes.

Huawei RTN 600(610, 605 & 620)

2G/3G) Huawei BTS

GSM network BSS installation

Huawei BTS Installation and Integration and commissioning & and troubleshooting. Huawei Site commission using the Huawei software I Manager M2000 (Huawei GSM-OMC)


To fulfill responsibilities dedicated to me with commitment and diligence in order to achieve organizational goals, An enthusiastic, energetic, flexible, innovative and self-disciplined individual seeking opportunity to play a challenging & creative role in the field of mobile communication engineering & for that searching a reputed & result oriented organization with a commitment to excellence.High qualified Telecommunication Engineer with almost 3 years of multi-vendor experience in planning, Implementation, Operations and Maintenance, Testing, managed services and Documentation of different telecommunication equipments, Mobile Communications Networks.


Base Station System.Radio frequecyNetwork Switching SystemGSM network BSS installation, commissioning and troubleshooting.RF planning on of GSM Cell Sites.Microwave system installation, commissioning and integration.Wireless LAN and WAN installation and troubleshootingSystem Administration on Windows 2003 server platform.


To fulfill responsibilities dedicated to me with commitment and diligence in order to achieve organizational goals, An enthusiastic, energetic, flexible, innovative and self-disciplined individual seeking opportunity to play a challenging & creative role in the field of mobile communication engineering & for that searching a reputed & result oriented organization with a commitment to excellence


Different Telecommunication Techology Training •Like to read journals and magazines related to communication and networking.•Internet Surfing and playing computer games.•Traveling and hunting.•Like to play games and watch action movies.•Playing of CricketFootballLawn TennisAlso Best Athlete 2005 & 2006Class Representative for 3 consecutive semestersCampus Proctorship for two year.In-charge of Mess(Hostel) CommitteeMember student Organizer CommitteeArranging different students activities at University


Nov 2008 - Nov 2008


Huawei Technologies (Pvt) Ltd