Sifte Ali

Sifte Ali


Sifte Ali is a Multi-Domain specialist and Fast learner. He is well experienced to work under stresspressured environments. Besides IT knowledge and skills, he got 10+ years of extensive experiencein HR Management and Logistics Management. He is a Good Team worker as well as a sound andTrustworthy solo performer. Following are the key areas of IT Management;

  • Experience in software design, developing and implementation as Software Architect, Team Leader, Software Designer and Developer.
  • Extraordinary experience in data modeling and design of large OLTP/OLAP database systems
  • Comprehensive knowledge of software design and implementations
  • Strong background using OOD/OOP methodology
  • Extensive experience in user support and training.
  • Skills in a number of programming languages, tools and technologies.
  • Real experiences in a large distributed database system maintenance.
  • Experience in design and implementation of e-commerce and web-based applications.



SQL, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, VBScript, VBA, Java, JavaScript

Problem Solving

Network Design / Administration

Systems Analysis / Distributed Systems

Database Design/Modeling, UML

Data Analysis / Warehousing / Mining, Cubes OLTP/OLAP

Work experience

Work experience
May 2005 - Present

HRIS Coordinator

National Telecommunication Corporation
  • I've Conceived, Designed & Developed HRIS (Human Resource Information System), a WAN based (Intranet) system which carries the most frequently required information related to Human Resource of NTC. HRIS will facilitate and expedite HRM processes with efficient & quick reports generation, Decision Support System (DSS) features and much more.
  • Responsible for maintenance of HR DATABANK.
Aug 2001 - May 2005

Assistant Shipping/Logistics Controller

Ghazi Barotha Contractors
  • Control & Expedite regarding Overseas Purchase (Imports) through company's buying houses and directly from suppliers, comparative statements, monthly purchase/cost analysis, expediting for on time deliveries of materials. Coordinating with Main Accounts dept. for the payment of suppliers, keeping co-ordination with departments for their requests and material status.
  • Communicating (Expediting) with freight forwarders, tracking arrival of shipments at Karachi Ports & Islamabad airport in co-ordination with GBC's Karachi office and clearing agents in Islamabad. Verifying freight invoices. Arranging transportation of goods towards job site.
  • Checking the Bills of Entries, Bill of Ladings / Air Way Bills, Delivery Order, Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists and Indemnity Bonds/Bank Guarantees, under conditions of various SROs, being issued to exempt the Customs duty & taxes on imports cum exports and exports cum imports.
  • Re-Exports of materials, spares, equipment and personal effects. Preparation of Certificate of Origins for Machinery & Equipment, compiling and collection of Import References & Data Preparation for Re-Export, making Proforma Invoices and Packing Lists, Documents for Customs Clearance and Clearance of Indemnity Bonds i.e., consumption certificates/installation certificates. Backing shipment procedures, packing, dispatch, insurance and correspondence with the destination as per agreement with the buyer.


Aug 2009 - Aug 2011


Virtual University of Pakistan




Pakistan Computer Bureau, Govt. Of Pakistan