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Dec 2014Dec 2014

Coaching 7th Grade Girls Basketball

Castlewood Junior High Girls Basketball, Castlewood, SD
  • Coached three seventh grade girls games. 
  • Made sure the girls playing were on top of their game by staying positive even if they mess up. 
  • Showed the girls how to run a play correctly, so they could run it in a game. 
  • Made sure that the girls had a positive attitude because if they didn't, they would affect not only themselves, but the entire team. 
Sep 2014Oct 2014

Paralegal Shadowing Experience

Sutton Law Office, Watertown, SD
  • Learned how to stay on top of things, while having a lot of work to do. 
  • Learned to stay oganized with everything I do because without organization, it brings stress. 
  • Was taught how to take detailed notes and use thoses notes to share with others that may need to see them. 
Jan 2010Jan 2012

Watertown Park and Rec Employee

Watertown Park and Rec, Watertown, SD
  • Worked only in the summer of every year present. 
  • Taught both girls and boys at the age of three and four the rules and how to play baseball and softball. 
  • Kept all the kids that were out for baseball and softball were there and on time. 
  • Made sure that every child got to play in every game. 
  • Umped major league baseball games, which is six year old boys. 
  • Made sure every game I umped, ran smoothly and everyone that played had a fun time.


Aug 2011May 2015

High School Graduate

Castlewood High School, Castlewood, SD
  • Four years of English: English Compostion I, World Literature, English Composion II, Speech, English Compostion III, American Literature,  English Compostion IV, and British Literature
  • Four years of Mathematics: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II,  and Pre-Calculus
  • Four years of Science: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry,  and Physics
  • Four years of Fine Arts: Chorus, Art I, Drawing and Painting, and Pottery
  • Four years of Social Science: Profound Events in History, World History, Principles of Democracy, Current Events, U.S. History, American Government, and Psychology
  • Two years of Foreign Language: Spanish I and Spanish II
  • Have a 3.99 GPA
  • ACT score of 19


Full of Enthusiasm
I am enthusiastic for helping children study for test or do their homework. Having enthusiam is a heathly way to get the children to get their assignments done because when they see that the person helping them are full of energy, then the children will build off of that enthusiam. This gives them the boost to get what they need to do done.
Great Communication Skills
Stong communication skills developed from playing many athletic activites, taking a speech class, and having to talk to teachers about many lessons and assignments. The communication skills that have developed, will help me not only get through to the children, but also their teachers, if needed to.
Working With Computers
I am able to create a presentation on power point and prezi, create spead sheets on excel, create graphs on logger pro, create videos on movie maker, and properly search for information on google and other search engines.
Hardworking;Never give up
Working hard came from playing athletic activities and trying to get good grades. All of the hard work I put in without giving up, will allow me to not only show children how hard work pays off, but just maybe it will show them that working hard does come with great opportunities in the future.
Work well with children
Developed from the many jobs and volunteer activities I have participated in. This skill gives me the one up because I know how to handle children in all different types of environments.
Well-versed In All Academic Disciplines
To become well-versed in all academic disciplines didn't come easy, in fact, the way I became this way was with working hard and asking questions. Being well-versed will help me when it comes to helping children with their works.

Honors and Awards

Jan 2013Present

Accepted to National Honor Society

National Honor Society Leader; Randi Hartman
To qualify for the National Honor Society, applicates have to fill out a paper that asked for many different aspects about themselves. After it's filled out and is sent in, it's voted on and if that applicate qualifies, they get accepted. Happily, I got accepted along with a few others.
Aug 2011May 2014

Honor Roll of Excellency

Casltewood High School Administration
I have held a GPA of 3.99, which qualifies me to be on the Honor Roll of Excellency.
Jan 2012Jan 2014

Volleyball Lake Central All Conference Team

Volleyball Coaches
Chosen because of my hard work during the season, my detication, and leadership on and off the court.
Jan 2013Jan 2013

Basketball Lake Central All Conference Team

Basketball Coaches
Chosen because of my detication while playing, how much hard work I put in to become the best, and the leadership I have with the team.
Jan 2013Jan 2013

Entringer Most Valuable Player

Entringer Officials
Chosen by how well I played during the game, how many points I scored, how many assits I had, and how many rebounds I snatched while playing.
Jan 2012Jan 2012

State Softball Championship Winner

South Dakota State Softball Officials
Decided by how hard your team works to come out on top. Once in the championship, putting all your hard work in to something you love will pay off and get you want you have always dreamed of.
Jan 2012Jan 2012

2012 State Track Medley Relay Champion and Record Holder

South Dakota High School Activites Association
To become a 2012 state track medley relay champion and record holder, the relay team I was on had to work for it. We went through hard practices to get where we ended up. It brought a lot of pain, but it was worth it in the end because I got to experience something that not everyone gets to experience.