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Sied Mohsen Hosseini received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran, in 2011 and 2013, respectively. 

Between 2014 and 2015 he worked as a test engineer at Abhar Wire and Cable (AW+C) in Abhar, Iran, and from 2015 he is a Laboratory Engineer in the same company. His current research interests include power cable modeling and dispersion analysis, High Voltage Engineering, distributed generation and micro grids, Islanding detection, Application of signal processing in power systems, alternative/hybrid energy power generation systems, and fault diagnosis and on- line monitoring of electric apparatus.

Work experience

May 2015Present

Laboratory Engineer

Abhar wire & cable Co

Laboratory Engineer in. familiar with cable industry. Expert in IEC standard for wire and cable testing, high voltage apparatus, mechanical and chemical testing of row material based on ASTM standard.

Mar 2015May 2015

Electrical Engineer

Siaden Steel, Abhar, Iran

expert in AC and DC motor Drive, controlling motor drives with PLC.

Mar 2011Oct 2011

Electrical Engineer

Minoo Co.

 Expert in control circiut, industrial wiring & PLC.


Oct 2011Oct 2013


University of zanjan

Electrical Engineering - Power converters and micro-grids.

Jan 2007Apr 2011


University of zanjan

Electrical Engineering- Power systems.

Software Skills

Matlab simulink/Power System
Matlab Programing using M- file
PsCad (Power electronic simulation)
OrCad (For circuit simulation)
Power system analysis and Engineering DIgSILENT.
Siemense Step7 and Logo for PLC programing
C and C++ Programing
Artificial intelligence

ISI Paper

Sied Mohsen Hosseini, Kaz em Maz lumi “A New Hybrid Met hod Based on Discret e Wavelet Transf orm and
Cross- Correlat ion Funct ion t o Discriminat e Int ernal Fault s f rom Inrush Current s” Arabian Journal for
Science and Engineering,October 2014, Volume 39, Issue 10, pp 7159- 7172