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I'm an ambitious mind in the entertainment industry, experienced in an array of skills ranging from pre-production to post-production. I excel in compositing, directing, writing, editing, audio recording, graphic design, and camera operation. My acute attention to detail and passionate working attitude allows me to utilize my resources to their max potential. I would be a great asset to any creative team.

To see my showcased work, visit link below:

Work experience

May 2015Present

Freelance Flame Assist / Flame Artist

Nomad Editing Co.

Assist the lead Flame artists and editors using Flame, Flare and Flame Assist.

Jun 2015Present

Freelance Flame Assist / Flame Artist

Shipping + Handling

Assist the lead Flame artist using Flame, Flare and Flame Assist.

August 2016Present

Freelance Editor / Freelance Flame Artist

Something Massive

Edited projects using Adobe Premiere and composited shots using Flame.

Nov 2006Present

Owner / Creator / Director

DCM Productions

This is the production company I created solo under the name DCM (Defined Captured Motion) and have since produced several films ranging from music videos, short films, promo's to wedding video's.

Nov 2006Present

Co-Owner / Creator / Director

Dan and Shane

Starting in late 2006, Myself and Dan Packer began creating short comedy films, and then from Feb. 07' to April 08' we produced a full-length comedy feature film entitled "Busdrive My Heart."

Jun 2013January 2016

Freelance Editor

Harvest Films

I work as both an In House Editor and compositor on commercial campaigns and TV projects.

Aug 2013May 2015

Flame Assist / VFX Supervisor

Timber / Arcade Edit

Was an Assist Flame Artist for both the lead Flame and Smoke artists. Worked on commercials, music videos, and short films.

Was also used as an on-set VFX Supervisor.

Jul 2012May 2013

Flame Assist

Arsenal FX

I assisted the Flame artist in delivering and finishing commercials, music videos, and film. I also provided assistance and help in all other departments, ranging from; editing, graphic design, color grading, vault management/MCR, data wrangling, engineering, and production.

Nov 2008Jul 2012

Flame Assist / VFX Supervisor / Treatment Writer

The Mill

I worked on Emmy Award winning spots such as: "Old Spice - Man Your Man Can Smell" and "MLB - Allstar Game in Anaheim." Also on Chrome's "Don't Turn The Lights On", which was up for a VMA for visual effects.

I worked on commercials, music videos, films and short films.

I was an on-set VFX Supervisor for several projects, providing both effects advise, and any extra camera work needed for capturing clean plates or stills. 

I also helped write and concept treatments for several major commercials, and the title sequences to a feature length film. I used Final Cut Pro to cut together storyboards along to music to create previs's of how the final product will look, and also used Word, Indesign, and Photoshop to put together the final treatment package.

Sep 2008Oct 2008

PA / Assistant Editor

Ping Pong Productions

I helped complete random tasks, was a runner, and worked along side the line producers to assemble both Production and Legal wrap binders for a SciFi Original Series. I also digitized footage for an up coming pilot. 

Feb 2008Aug 2008

Filmographer / Photographer

Blueline Media Productions

I produced several short demo's for Indiana University's Little 500 race, and interned as a wedding filmographer and photographer. 


Cyndi Ochs

Visual Effects Producer at Marvel

(310) 926-7243

Rob Sexton

Freelance Executive Producer

(310) 903-6800

Chelsea Sanders

Photographer/Owner of Blueline Media Productions

(812) 589-6286


Aside from Production, I love to create and produce music. I play several instruments, including  guitar, piano, percussion, ukulele, violin, harmonica and sing. I've also composed music for several projects, including the soundtrack for "Busdrive My Heart," a feature-length film. I've recorded multiple styles of music, sound FX, ADR, and talk. 

I also enjoy the outdoors and keeping active with numerous types of sports and fitness training.