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Work experience

Nov 2009Present

Developer Relations Engineer

  • Supports ~150 Commercial Vendors in all aspect of the partnership process, from prospective calls to determine integration feasibility to development consultations after.
  • Supports those same vendors through the analysis, design, implementation, testing and post release activities. Routinely receive praise through my superiors from those partners.
  • Designed and implemented a Partner Beta program, allowing Partners to access early cycle builds of our platform in order to ensure compatibility with future releases. 
  • Liaise between Business Development, Partners and Product Development to ensure all technical Partner concerns are addressed, bugs are triaged and issues discovered by Product Development are reported to Partners.
  • Helped design and implement a paid services engagement for Partners that need more in-depth support. This has resulted in thousands in extra revenue.
  • Presents at Developer's Conferences and User Groups globally,in person and virtually, including multiple Keynote addresses and workshops.
  • Part of a team that designed regional Developer Conferences. The first took place in Dublin, Ireland in place of a developer day, and was widely hailed as "the best Developer Conference" they had attended. Rolling out this model to Singapore and Australia, and hope to move into North America soon.
  • Contributes blogs, newsletters, tech tips and other written materials to promote Development topics, changes and goals.
  • Co-Founder of TechBUG (Technologists Blackboard User Group) to support System Administrators, Developers, Campus IT and Instructional Designers to learn from Blackboard and from each other. Held monthly webinars with presenters from across Blackboard and the Client Community, as well as meetings in conjunctions with other events.
  • Contributes to the overall development community through sample code and participation in open source projects through (Open Source Community for Educational Learning Objects and Tools). Currently a contributing developer to Bboogle, the open source project that integrates Blackboard Learn with Google Apps for Education, as well as a personal project to integrate LTI 2.0 into Blackboard.
  • Subject Matter Expert in several IMS Global standards, including Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), Learning Information Systems (LIS) and Common Cartridge.
  • Part of a team working to define the next generation of APIs in the Blackboard Learn product.
Mar 2009Present

League Information Officer/Secretary/Coach

Charles Town Ranson Little League
  • Designed and implemented the League website on the Joomla! Open Source Content Management System.
  • Use the written word to communicate the league's messaging to local newspapers, our website and parental communications.
  • Participate in meetings to determine the direction and goals of the league to ensure the children are well taken care of and proper steps are taken to ensure each child is prepared for their next step in little league.
  • Organize Board of Director Meetings, obtaining agenda items and documenting meeting minutes to ensure all motions are recorded and results binding. 
  • Lead teams of young men and women in all levels of baseball and softball. Coached everything from 4-5 year old boys and girls in T-Ball to 11-12 year old travel teams. 
Jul 2003Feb 2010

Content Manager/Head Writer, LLC
  • Managed all content, including editing and assignment of topics, for, listed by Sports Illustrated as the #3 online property for Washington Redskins news (ahead of
  • Wrote hundreds of articles and blogs on various topics pertaining to the team, including interviews, commentaries and recaps.
  • Hosted a weekly podcast with Wide Receiver Brandon Lloyd, including the design of the format, recording, A/V agendas and planning. 
  • Interviewed on several ESPN radio shows as the Opponent's Expert to talk about upcoming opponents.
  • Published by the Washington Times and re-published by international media outlets on multiple occasions. 
  • Interviewed by the local Washington DC CBS affiliate.
  • Spent time as a credentialed member of the media for the Washington Capitals. Hosted a podcast called THN On Ice to cover the local Hockey team and even interviewed Ted Leonsis, the owner of the team.
  • Worked with advertisers to sell ad spots on our site, as well as a season-long, fully-catered tailgate in conjunction with a big sponsor and the Hogettes.
Dec 1997Jul 2009

Software Engineer/Support Supervisor/Product Support Engineer/Technical Support Engineer

Siemens Enterprise Communications
  • Designed, Developed and Built 13 Releases of Call Manager Gateway, a CTI Middleware that offered a public API to market research and call scripting engines, processed and maintained data, and talked via a proprietary API to a Predictive Dialing Switch.
  • Solely responsible for all aspects of the development cycle, including QA .
  • Responsible for all Documentation, to include hardware, software and end-user documentation.
  • Earned millions in revenue through professional services engagements.
  • Subject Matter Expert for the entire organization and all of it channel partners.
  • Assisted Channel Partners in implementing our APIs and integrating with our product.
  • Designed and implemented multiple beta tests for new releases.
  • Designed a CEO podcast program, though it was never implemented because the CEO left the company.
  • Ran focus groups and user training, both virtually and on-site.
  • Provided on-site support, as necessary.
  • Supervised 5 technical support engineers for the night shift of our support desk. Responsible for all support tickets in the queue, hand-offs from our day shift and hand-offs to our on-call overnight support tech and the morning shift.
  • Designed and implemented an application to record feedback from monitoring sessions for management and my fellow supervisors.
  • Designed and implemented a shell script and later an application to record configuration and troubleshooting information dynamically to assist in more rapid resolution to common problems.
  • Responsible for maintaining our Service Level Agreements across multiple products.
Jun 1993Jun 19997

United States Marine

United States Marine Corps
  • Held various roles during my enlistment period:
    • Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge - The person in charge of the entire shop, ensuring all work is done, quality standards are met, paperwork is filed and correct, Marines under my command meet all of their goals in terms of progression and promotion, representing my Marines in the larger command.
    • Assistant Platoon Sergeant/Platoon Clerk and Computer Support - Responsible for a platoon of Marines, roughly 100 people. Tasked with ensuring all documentation and paperwork was correct and up-to-date. Prepared documents for superior officers. Handled all incoming technical support requests. Responsible for remedial physical training for Marines that had difficulty with the Physical Fitness Test. 
    • Marine Integrated Maintenance Management System Clerk - Responsible for all gear coming in and out of the shop, ensuring all paperwork was correct and all quantities matched and remained accounted for. Submitted all documentation into the Marine Corps wide tracking system, to include ordering tools and supplies and reporting gear that was unsalvageable. 
    • Tool Room Clerk - Responsible for all supplies and tools. Ensured that inventory was properly managed so that supplies were always available. 
    • Fabric Repair Specialist - Responsible for the vetting of incoming gear for viability, repairing of Flack Jackets, Sleeping Bags, Tents and other heavy duty gear in use by the Marine Corps.
  • Finished first in my Corporal's Leadership Course
  • Certified Trainer for Lotus SmartSuite
  • Certified Water Combat Survival Instructor


In all of my various positions, both as an employee and a volunteer, communication has been a key aspect of my work. From League Information Officer of a Little League to my current role as a Developer Relations Engineer, I am required to communicate concisely and effectively even in the most turbulent times. This includes in person and in writing.
In conjunction with Node.JS, I have been using MongoDB for a number of projects involving data storage for Web Services.
I have used Node.JS over the past few years to test Web Service APIs and create REST services for use in other applications.
For the past 5 years I have been working primarily in Java APIs, both from Java and internally within the Blackboard Building Block framework. This includes assisting third-parties in integration, troubleshooting API issues and reporting bugs, documenting their use and providing sample code.
Going hand-in-hand with Integration, I have been working in and around APIs my entire professional career. This includes everything from delimited text over a socket connection, to XML and SOAP, to Java APIs to REST Services with JSON payloads.
Since 2001, I have been working quite exclusively in third-party integrations. This includes helping third-party developers navigate complex APIs and make smart design choices, as well as change management efforts as new releases and APIs change those integrations.


Michael Johnson - Security Assistant, Range Operations, US Navy - Co-Worker at Siemens Enterprise Communications

Scott was always a detail oriented person, able to see and troubleshoot to a very fine degree. I learned much from working with Scott and it would be an honor to work with him again at some point in the future.

Brie Rosa, Senior Product Support Services Manager - Co-Worker at Siemens Enterprise Communications

Scott is a very detail orientated developer with tons of creativity and insight. Scott has the unique ability of being able to communicate his thoughts and design in a clear and concise manner. Scott is always available to answer any questions you may have and will go above and beyond to help you in any way he can. Scott is an out of the box thinker who always has a new and improved way of doing things. Scott is an asset to any employer

Sarah Schraven, Senior Project Manager - Co-Worker At Blackboard

Scott's innovation and technical expertise make him a tremendous asset in his organization. His creativity and willingness to assist anyone for any reason, even if its outside his role or area, consistently reinforces his team player attitude and genuine likeability. He's very respected and professional and an ideal colleague to work with.

Technical Documentation And Writing

Here are some of the articles and presentations I've written as the Developer Relations Engineer at Blackboard.

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