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Work Experience

Oct 2016Present

Software Engineer

Xoriant  Solutions

I work on developing applications delivering highly efficient solutions for clients ranging from world's top financial institutions to major insurance companies.

  • Data Cryptographic Application
    • This role entitlement based application takes care of securely storing  PII data like Passport number, SSN number in encrypted form using encryption algorithm selected by user at runtime. It achieves robust security by using four levels of encryption and generating unique keys dynamically for each field. The sensitive data is masked/displayed based on the user role.

    • I implemented module that handled encryption and random key-token generation. Also, I worked on improving speed and augmenting performance by integrating EH Cache.
    • Technology Stack: Spring, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Akka, Jenkins. 
  • XBRL Report Generation Application
    • World's leading financial institutions use XBRL for digital business reporting to regulators and governments. This application generated XBRL digital reports for a leading bank by mapping complex XBRL taxonomies to business table facts. It also gave filter option to user for creating customized reports.
    • I did R&D on Altova suite and worked on identifying  convoluted  mappings between database and XBRL taxonomy. Also, I worked on creating  and optimizing Oracle queries in Java for fetching data based on filter selected by the user.
    • Technology Stack: Spring, Altova Mapforce, HTML, CSS, Oracle.
  • Sanctions Screening
    • Leading banks need to check identities when people or organisations apply to open new accounts or when transactions are made, for possible links to terror, drug or other illicit activities. This project focuses on providing banks a platform to automate the screening process and helping it to curb unlawful transactions.
    • Maker-Checker-Approver workFlow is created for screening and flagging illicit type of transactions creation.
    • Technology Stack: Spring, AngularJS, Oracle.


Primary: Java, Spring, Hibernate 

Proficient: HTML, CSS, JavaScript


August 2012June 2016

Bachelors of Engineering, Computer Engineering; 67.42%(First Class With Distinction)

Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Savitribai Phule Pune University(formerly University of Pune).

Research Paper

  • 1 Research paper  "Secure Multi-Keyword Search Mechanism Over Encrypted Cloud Data Using AES and Bloom Filter " published in the journal IJRAT.


Undergraduate Final Year Project: Secure Multi-Keyword Search Mechanism Over Encrypted Cloud Data 

  • Searching time over encrypted files stored on server reduced by extracting features after file upload and performing data pre-processing steps like stemming to create word buckets containing all possible combinations of feature words.
  • Pearson correlation and Bloom Filter used for faster retrieval and ranking files.

Undergraduate Mini Project : Unique Identity Management System

  • Unique ID for each individual generated by combining Personal Identifiable Information data. Also user image was captured and stored.
  • Detailed analysis and mining was done on the data for getting vital insights and trends.

Computer Graphics Project: Chess Game using C++

  • Created chess game using graphic libraries of C++ like Digital Differential Analyzer (DDA), Bresenham's line algorithm and circle generation algorithm.
  • Implemented moves of chess game for 2 player scenario.


I have been playing Table Tennis for last 8 years. I have participated in many school and college level table tennis championships. Most notably, I won  K.V Clusters table tennis tournament in year 2010 and led my school team to K.V Regionals, where my school came 3rd in the entire region.