Shu Wei Liu

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2011 - Mar 2015

Counter Personnel,Cashier

Xin-Yi Vieshow cinemas

Serving everything they want(selling tickets, popcorn, and drinks etc.) and help them to solve problems on the movie tickets. Settle down customer's temper.


Sep 2011 - Jun 2015


Tamkang University

majored in English literature department 



Working skill

Counter assistance and customer 's  problem help


2014 - Present


 780 points. 

Text Section

My name is Shu Wei Liu. I am an easy-going individual, in that I can deal with colleagues harmoniously in any situations. I believe in team work that offers the magic power. Of course, I will never ignore the independent work ability. In college period, I had an aggressive attitude towards everything, being a great relationship with peers.


I participated in a club, for instance, student association. In student association, I served as publicity for contacting other departments or other schools and throwing some activities with them. For example, I was a coordinator (executive) in Foreign Languages competition with other schools, leading our member to ensure every process smoothly. We had Foreign Languages Weekend in our school. I was in charge of making video to promote this activity. Because of this position, I learned more things, like leadership skills, organizing group activities. I learned many great skills in dealing with people, planning marketing strategy..


I worked in Vieshow cinema since I was in fresh men year. I realized that I have to put my passion in my work and love the work I have chosen. In my first job, I learned how to deal with incidents from every client. Since I was majored in English, I could easily solve foreigner guest’s problem.


So I believe in the future I still can bring this passion to everyone. I work hard and willing to learn everything. I am an ideal candidate for this position and if given the chance to join your team, I will endeavor to apply everything I have learned to the job to continue bettering myself and contribute to your esteemed company.