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Software Developer


Meticulous Programmer with 4+ years of experience holding bachelors from NIT Allahabad, in Electronics and communication engineering. Worked across different industries with dexterity in C++, OOPs, Algorithms, and Data Structures. Exhaustive Knowledge on Machine learning concepts such as Neural networks, NLP, AI, Classification and utilize them to solve the real time problems.

Techincal Background


C++,XSLT,XML,SQL, PERL, Binary Object/BLOBs, python


 Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Algorithms, Classification, Machine Learning,Data Structures and Algorithms


MATLAB, KLOCKWORKS, Network Simulators3, Test tool server, Unix,Windows

Professional History

Amadeus Labs Bangalore, India

 Software Engineer (July 2015-till present)

TPF decommissioning for Amadeus customer Profiles

Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) is an IBM real-time operating system for mainframe computers. Decommissioning TPF system was one of the most challenging and historic project inside Amadeus. Under the scope of this project, all the processing will now be handled by open system which is written in C++ on UNIX and Oracle SQL database.

  • Amadeus has 4 categories of customer profiles and these are stored and maintained the Amadeus Central system. All the functionalities like profile creation, profile update, profile delete are now handled completely by open backend.
  • Extended features like Profile History, PNR creation from profile, Office Profiles management was delivered with enhanced user experience.

Staff Solution for British Airways

British airways uses the staff solution developed by Amadeus to manage their staff profiles.

  • Worked coherently in implementing BA specific requirements for PNR creation from profile, Profile Display, Hotline discount display, history and other profile management features.
  • Coding the PNR functionality demanded a good knowledge of data structures, binary objects, OOPs concepts, PNR library and communication skills for cross domain functionalities.
  • The staff profile information is sensitive for the organization, we coded multiple security checks to ensure that the information doesn’t go in unauthorized hands.

Amadeus Open Profile Suite

Amadeus Open Profile Suite transforms the management of traveller profiles, offering you a versatile, centralized profile database that connects any application to a single profile source.

  • Worked on profile structure transformation to provide flexible profile creation at the customer side.
  • On board with implementing evolutions to increase the efficiency of existing Amadeus publisher by reducing the number of updates sent to the targets.
  • Implemented XSL transformations to optimize and manage accuracy of the profile publications across different targets.    
  • Established ISAPs, RSAPs, bidirectional connectors for Amadeus mobile application for different customers for Apple servers. This ensures end to end connectivity between Amadeus and external targets.

Machine learning for improving the Travel industry

  • Working with Amadeus R&D team to apply machine learning techniques such as neural networks to predict optimized itinerary based on traveler interests. This will involve techniques as web crawling, data mining and building the classification model.


Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore, India

Senior Software Engineer (July 2012-July 2015)

Modem Protocol Commercialization

  • A part of Modem Protocol Commercialization team which has the ownership of software for the Layer 3 protocol of Qualcomm Chipset, used in Samsung smart phones
  • Worked on Non Access Stratum (NAS) Layers in different RATs like CDMA, EVDO, and LTE using C and C++
  • Experienced in working on Inter Process Communication(IPC)
  • Resolved problems related to Inter Technology mobility, battery saving algorithms and throughput enhancement of devices.
  • Involved in SCM activities like Klockworks, Prevent Tool and build support to maintain the desired project correctness index.

Tool for boosting the issue analysis

  • As Samsung had regress QA testing, it required a lot of manual effort to check the data stalling, data throughput, call drop issues.
  • Developed a tool independently for calculating data throughput using PERL and C#, to extract and improve statistical data, required for verifying throughput failures.
  • Represented the information in a graphical format which is very easily understood by the developers, testers and dramatically reduced the time spent for issue analysis.

Network Simulator

  • Coded and simulated various wireless technologies like LTE, Wi-Fi, D2D etc. On NS3 using visual studio environment based on C++
  • Validated the throughput results against the network standards. And studied the variations of throughput when clubbed with Wifi signals.


  • ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate holder from National Cadet Corps
  • Swimming and badmintion
  • Won awards at college level for inter and intra college dramatics competitions
  • Participated in national level and corporate level hackathons, code gladiators,Kaggle,TechGig
  • Certifications from Udemy for courses machine learning and data science



Bachelor of Technology

NIT Allahabad

Electronics and Communication Engineering