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To be a Lead 'Audio content producer' for a great Gaming company and optimally utilize my Music Production abilities on quality projects.


I am a composer. Have my own Audio setup / studio where all the Audio work - 'Composing, Arranging, Programming, Recording, Mixing' is done.

As an independent Music artist, I score music for films, short films, TVCs, Animation / Games, etc.

I produce -

Original Soundtracks, Original Background Music, Sound FX, Foley tracks, Theme music scores, etc.

I also provide Sound recording & Mixing services as a part of my service package.

My Tools

I work on the professional tools to produce music. I work extensively with MIDI.

My Main DAW - (Digital Audio Workstation)

REAPER & SAMPLITUDE - (Equivalent to Pro-tools, Sonar, Nuendo, etc)

Sound Modules -

Propellerhead Reason, IK Multimedia SampleTank, Korg Legacy Digital, Sonivox Muse, Independence pro, etc

Sound FX Plugins -

TC Electronic Powercore, Voxengo, Sugar Bytes, Toneboosters (Jeroen Breebaart) & many more.

Audio Interface -

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D

MIDI Controllers -

E-MU X-board 61

Novation Nocturn

Presonus Faderport.

TouchDaw - Android Midi Controller App.

Korg PadKontrol

Cover Letter


I wish to submit my resume for a position of 'Lead Audio Designer' in your company.

I am a Game Audio Designer / Music Composer - Producer from Mumbai, India.

I have more than 8 years experience in Music production and am quite independent in my approach towards music making.

While working as an Audio lead in an Indian gaming company, I produced quality audio for various gaming platforms. This boosted my efficiency in Game music production. I am now more excited about this job and looking for bigger and better challenges.

I love playing games, so I am naturally inspired to create Audio for games.

Be it a small but detailed Sound FX or a major Intro music theme - I am equally enthusiastic about producing every Audio asset and refine it till it is positively contributing to an overall game experience.

My key skills - Audio Production - Music, Sound FX, Foley.Sound Recording & Mixing.Audio Mastering.

I am open to work under various employment modes like Full-time, Contract, Freelancing, etc.

I assure that I would cohesively merge within a group and work with teams smoothly. I am a fast learner.

I believe one ought not have 'Million dollar studio' to produce good Audio. Knowing your talent and gear is the key!

Regards,Shrivats Kulkarni.

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Short film - Gullak - 2009 (Won 'Filmi chashma award' )

As a Composer

Music Director - Original Background Score.

Apr 2010Present

Short Film - Rooh - 2010

As a Composer

Music Director - Original Background Score.

Aug 2010Present

TVC - - 2010

As a Composer

Composer - Original Ad jingle.

Sep 2010Present

TVC - Shaana Foods (Aired on British Television)

As a Composer

Composer - Original Ad jingle.

Sep 2011Present

SIKKIM - Trave Documentary

As a Sound Engineer - Post Production Audio Mixing

This Travel documentary gets screened at many Travel film festivals around the world. Sponsored by - Sikkim State Govt.

Oct 2011Present

Audio Faculty

Udaan School of Photography

I am an Audio Faculty in the DSLR Filmmaking course started by the institute.

Jun 2012Jul 2012

Audio Trainer

VCL Studios

I was appointed as an Audio Trainer for VCL Studios.

My job was to train On Location Sound Recording & Audio post production to the studio crew.

Nov 2010Aug 2011

Audio Lead

Sierra Atlantic Software Services - Gaming Vertical (Now Hitachi Consulting)

I worked as an Audio in charge in this company. Worked on platforms like Nitendo DS, Flash & UDK.

Nitendo DS was especially demanding in terms of format and size. I successfully implemented Audio in UDK.

Responsibilities -

  • Evaluating and planning for the audio requirements for games.

  • Finalizing audio parameters working closely with programmers and artists.

  • Producing Sound FX & Music (In the formats and sizes required)

  • Composing and producing the whole Audio for a Game – while adhering to size & format specifications.

The company was taken over by Hitachi Consulting which did not continue the Gaming division.

Moved on to expand my horizon.


Audio & Sound Design
Soon after I began to produce my own music, I ventured into Audio & Sound designing too. Since I do complete Music production, Audio design is an integral part of my skill set.
Audio Mastering
Audio Mastering is done after mixing. Its the final process in Audio. I have developed this skill too. I mostly Master my own Audio.
Video Editing
Video editing is the skill in process. I do a satisfactory job at it.
Sound Recording & Mixing
Recording Vocals, Instruments, Voice-overs, Foley tracks, Sound FX, etc.   Generally I mix my own music.
Music Arranging & Programming
Music Arrangement & Programming using professional tools - Both Hardware & Software.
Music Composing
Composing Original Soundtracks, Original Background scores, Theme music scores, etc


Jun 2001Jun 2004

Bachelor of Management Studies

Mumbai University