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Work experience


Wylie East High School

Throughout my whole childhood, I've always been motivated to be an outstanding actor. When I was asked to star in this featured film, I was very excited. So I took the oppurtunity and I conquered my dad's dream.




Wylie East High School

I definitely have a "Competitive Spirit". I try my absolute best to try to win at everything I do. Of course I do this in a nice way, but I'm very competitve and I love a good competition. I absolutely just love competing, it's priceless.


Computer Skills
I can edit films on programs such as, Microsoft Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere Pro. I enjoy it a lot and I would consider myself to have a passion for it. I've gained these skills in the last year or so.

Right & Responsibilities

I am extremely responsible. I love being put in the position to lead people and I take it very serious.  I've always been responsible and I feel like I am the right person to put in the position to be the "responsible one".

References: Erik Hofstetter, Allen Gilliss

Best Work

I would have to say my best work, and hardest, was the Schnitzelcups short film. Although, I was never in a film before this, I actually went out and acted my heart out. I had trouble uploading the link to the film, but it should be up shortly.

My Highlight

My single best moment that I've had in my production time this year would have to be filming the short film "Schnitzelcups". It wasn't the greatest short film, but it was a lot of fun doing and I got to do it with people that I love to work with and we all had a great time.

Goals for Next Year

My goal for next year is to do my best in the film class I am going to be in. I won't our whole class to be successful and have fun. I hope that we're able to come together as a group and win as many film competitions and enter as many film festivals as possible. I also hope that we make the best movies that we're capable of making.


2011Dec 2000

Captain of Soccer Team

Bryan Thompson