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To excel in the field of research and innovation by employing my academic excellence, hard-work and dedication.


Jul 2013Present

B.Tech- Electronics and Communication

National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra

CGPA- 8.12

Mar 2013

Class 12 :

Doon International School, Dehradun

96% Marks, CBSE Board

Mar 2011

Class 10 :

Doon International School, Dehradun

10 CGPA, CBSE Board

Technical Skills

  • Programming languages- Core and advanced JAVA, C, C++,  .Net C#, HTML, SQL, JavaScript
  • Software known- MATLAB, Xilinx for VHDL
  • Processors known- Assembly language programming with 8086

Training and Seminar

  • Internship at 'Royal Bank of Scotland', an on-campus recruiter, during june-july 2016
  • "Core and Advanced JAVA" - 6 week training in basics of JAVA, Servlets, JSP
  • "Autokriti 5.0 A car overhaul workshop" - A national workshop organized by SAEINDIA NIT Kurukshetra collegiate club 
  • Presented a seminar on Seismic signal processing.


Application Development for Royal Bank of Scotland

Worked on a web-service using .Net and Visual C# using SQL. The web-service was a vendor service for Infosys and was used on day-to-day basis for information retrieval. Also, developed a framework for automated reporting system using .NET MVC. The reporting system was customized with data to be sent weekly, monthly or yearly which was previously done manually. Gave a presentation on the deliverables towards the end of internship. 

Sketch Based Image Recognition

Currently working on a user-interactive GUI for sketch-based image retrieval using the implementation of the 2016 IEEE Publication titled "Sketch Based Image Retrieval by Salient Contour Reinforcement". This involved algorithms like angular radial partitioning and boundary detection methods like Canny, Sobel. The paper discarded the outputs from such detection methods and used a "Berkeley Detector" as proposed in the paper "Learning to Detect Natural Image Boundaries Using Local Brightness, Color, and Texture Cues". The approach processed image in global and salient image regions. We are currently working to extend SBIR into applications like signature based document retrieval or animated video creator using sketches.

Virtual Paint using OpenCV

A project based on color detection using open source computer vision OpenCV library on the visual studio platform and C++. It focused on painting on screen from a specified distance, without any actual contact with the screen and also, without using a mouse pointer. This was done using color detection techniques by thresholding the image for specific color values. A colored bob had to be calibrated according to it's color and lighting conditions of the room using a control window. After calibration, the central point of the thresholded bob was obtained as the reference to its position on the screen. Major disadvantage of this project was that it was not immune to background noises or objects with similar color (HSV values) as that of the bob.

Position of Responsibility

Aug 2013Present


Music and Dramatics club
Apr 2012Mar 2013

Head Girl

Doon International School

Achievements and Extra-Curricular activities

  • participated in Micrologic- A technical project competition held at Techspardha '15
  • Participated in Microsearch- A competition based on seminar presentation on "Leap Motion" held at Techspardha '15
  • First prize in Dream Theatre- A choreography event held at Confluence '15
  • Second prize in Dream Theatre- A choreography event held at Confluence '14
  • Participated in inter-college badminton tournament held at NIT Jalandhar
  • Participated in inter-college badminton tournament held at IIT Roorkee
  • First Prize in Badminton- Inter-year tournament held in 2015
  • Coordinated the team for the event libas in 2016
  • Participated in Apprentice- A business and campaign planning competition held at Altius '15
  • Participated in Model United Nations- Security Council.