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Aug - 2017May - 2019

Masters of Science in Data Science

Indiana University-Bloomington, Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A.                                            GPA : 3.6/ 4.0

Aug - 2008May - 2012

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Mumbai University ,Mumbai, India                                                                                                     GPA : 7.2 / 10.0

Work History

May 2018Present

Volunteer Research Assistant - Indiana University

Python, Java, Stanford Core NLP, NLTK, Django, MongoDB, Neo4J, Neural N/W, Yago, Praat, Google Voice API, C/C++, Microsoft Concept Graph, OWL, DBpedia

  • Develop Python and Java modules for parsing text data and extracting entity information.
  • Used Praat to create annotated text grids for recorded voices.
  • Created MongoDB constructs from MS Concept Graph probabilities.
  • Added entities and relations into Neo4J adding attributes using DBpediaMS Concept Graph.
Sep 2017Present

Part-Time Database Dev. - UITS, Indiana University

SQL Server, SSIS, SQL, Python,Git, SSMS, Visual Studio, Spyder, RabbitMQ, Splunk,Postman, Tableau, Denodo

  • Developed SQL components for applications and micro-services  related to website Data Visualization and API communication, and Data virtualization using Denodo.
  • Designed and implemented a SSIS  project to collect data from disparate sources, perform  transformations and lookup and load it into a warehouse.
  • Designed and implemented Python component to collect RabbitMQ data and load a database.
Jul 2012Jul 2017

Sr. Software Engineer & Software Engineer - Mastek Ltd.

SQL Server, SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Crystal Reports, VB 6.0, Java, ASP, Batch Scripting, Perfmon, SQL Profiler, TortoiseSVN, JIRA, SSMS, Visual Studio, Python, Postgresql

  • Analyze statistics and improve  SQL Server performance issues, resolve bottlenecks.
  • Design and implement solutions as per requirements.
  • Evaluate and resolve application performance, existing issues and maintain code standards.
  • Inspect multiple code branches for merging and knowledge transfer to intra and inter-team.
  • Maintain and augment documentation, and act as POC for various purposes.


NLP OpenIE - Python, Java, Stanford Core NLP, NLTK, Django, MongoDB, Neo4J, Neural N/W, Yago

  • Volunteering with a Professor to create a tool to extract entities like persons, org, etc. and their relations from text, augment them with attributes and add to a cleaned knowledge base.

Speech Prosody and Pragmatics - Python, Praat, Google Voice API, NLTK

  • Volunteering with a Professor to create gold standard speech corpus and to extract intent and information from intonation and tonal differences from what is spoken.

Spooky Author Classification - Python, Jupyter Notebook, Naive Bayes,  Keras, NLTK, NN

  • Kaggle challenge to classify 3 authors depending on the corpus work, compared performance and accuracy of Naive Bayes Classifier (85%), Viterbi Algorithm (60%) and NN (97%).

Syria The War - Bokeh, pyplot, seaborn, pandas, numpy, python

  • Collected and collated the data associated with the Syrian war crisis and created visualizations pertaining to immigration, economic impact, and bombings.

Analysis of Blockchain - Python, Postman, Spyder, Blockchain

  • Analyzed the working of the bitcoin blockchain and made a detailed presentation.