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Three years of experience in Ruby on Rails Technologies. Comfortable in developing REST APIs from
designing to delivering APIs. Comfortable with MongoDB and Mysql database. Interested to learn more and
contribute to the best of my knowledge.

Work History


Software Engineer

Saranyu Technologies



  • Working as a core team member of Live Platform “ Ditto TV” ( which is OTT Tv Platform Product. In this project I have worked on the API implementation related to content, payment and user flow i,e catalog API's and user related API's. Which is mainly developed on Ruby on rails Platform.

  • Integrated Third Party(Evergent SOAP APIs) to handle payments. Payment gateways are integrated such as CC Avenue, Fortumo and In app purchases. Used Savon gem for making SOAP API calls

  • Handling Content Management System of Ditto Tv platform which also includes integration of Live Tv channels integration for the system, coding on ruby on rails platform.

  • Worked on database query optimization and scaling. Which include Mongo db and Mysql.

  • Effectively Handling Client Communication for Ditto TV where in as a main source of communication for the platform.

  • Worked on Apache Solr. AutoComplete, relevant search, exact match/partial match and prefernce over each others.


  • Developed multi tenant OTT platform from scratch. Was core API developer developing users, catalogs and items API.

  • Worked on POSTGRE to handle users data. Familiar with schema concept of postgres, managing users of tenants in respective schema.

  • Worked on elasticsearch to handle multi tenant support of content related searchs. Integrated Auto Complete APIs

  • Implemented Billing System similar to Evergent Billing system using MongoDB.

  • Implemented them concept in building catalogs dynamically for tenant specific choice. Themes such as movie_theme, video_theme, show_theme, content_control_theme, subscriptions, message_theme(to handle tenant specific error message to be displayed on portal)

  • Implemented videolists to have a content specofic lists

  • Running projects on the platforms are,,, wamindia


  • Developed multi tenant NewsRoom Platform scratch. Was involved in architecting the APIS

  • Implemeted Desk concept for user to create news articles

  • Implemented roles, privileges and permission for users on the NewsContentMangagement

  • Was part of designing and implementation of workflow invovled in NMS.

  • Manage teams to implement APIs as designed.


  • Developed high traffic analytic platform deploying rails with passenger and nginx giving high thoughput. Analysed the load with htop tool.

  • Used various benchmarking tool like and apache benchmark to analyse the load.

  • Worked on MongoDB aggragation framework to analyse the input on an hourly basis

  • Implemented complete workflow from creating analytic_id from OTT-SAAS CMS to integrating the POST APIs at players to record the content being watched by user.

  • Written various analyser script. Most viewed gneres, Most viewed content and most viewed languge are the reports.

  • Was part of designing the complete workflow.



Bachelor of Engineering

Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

Completed engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with 71% aggregate, securing first class with distinction.


  • Software for embedded System
  • Machine Learning by Stanford University on Coursera. Certificate earned on April 30,
  • Introduction to Apache Spark. July 11, 2016(


  • Work on new technologies.
  • Learn a better usage of database to its fullest.
  • In getting deepest knowledge about databases.

Personal Strength

  • Good team worker.
  •  Good in supporting the CMS / front end developer for API integration.
  •  Good in supporting testers and suggesting for more validations.


To be part of development team and work for betterment of company in terms of product release and to achieve satisfaction
for company as well clients.