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Two plus years of experience in Ruby on Rails Technologies. Comfortable in developing REST APIs from designing to delivering APIs. Comfortable with MongoDB and Mysql database. Interested to learn more and contribute to the best of my knowledge.

Work History

Feb 2014Present

Software Developer

Saranyu Technologies 

- Implement REST APIs.
- Worked for Multi Tenant support for OTT platform.
- Worked for cross platform support.
- Platform specific API implementation.
- Region specific API implementation.
- Content control Strategy implementation.
- Worked closely with CMS developer for API integration.
- Worked closely with Front End developers for API integration and implementation.
- Was part of the team for implementing "OTT SAAS" from the scratch.
- Was involved in developing core content APIs for "ott as-a-service".
- Device based session control for user on OTT platform.
- Billing system for MultiTenant OTT Platform.
- Analytic Pipeline with MongoDB Aggregation Framework(Involves- event generation, analyse script and update ott platform for particular tenant.)
- Code refactoring.
- Comfortable with MVC architecture.


Sep 2009Jun 2013

Bachelor of Degree

DayanadaSagar Collenge of Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering with agregate of 71%


Ruby on Rails

- Proficient in developing API.
- Involved in developing multi Tenant Platform
- Knowledge of working with MongoDB Cluster configuration
- Knowledge in configuring Ngnix and Passenger for rails Production APP
- Knowledge of Capistrano as a deployment tool


- Analyze the APIs that take more time.
- Worked on Mongo console to analyze query details.
- Understand better way to index a model.
- Understand to get mongo logs along with RESP APIs logs.
- Used almost all mongoid criteria query methods
- Good understanding of Aggregation Framework
- knowledge in using scope, setter and getter methods
- Knowledge of setting up cluster with Primary, secondary and Arbiter.


- Comfortable in JavaScript Syntax
- Comfortable in working on Canvas Element
- Familiar in implementing animation on Canvas
- Scripting


- Analyze of log data with Apache Spark
- Implement basic log analysis on time consumption and errors in the API


- Worked on Mysql console.
- Used ActiveRecords methods on rails console.
- Involved in migrating Mysql DB from local to RDS.

Recomendation engine

- Worked on Recommendation Engine.
- Worked and implemented Easy Rec recommendation Engine.
- Worked on Predictionio recommendation engine.

Solr Serach Engine

- Worked on slor search engine.
- Worked on solr console.
- Integrated boost based on requirement.


- Worked on PostgreSql console.
- Understanding about schema implementation.

Deployment Tool

Capistrano deployment tool. Knowledge from installation to deployment

Benchmarking Tool, ApacheBenchmark and wrk

Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS

- Used Bootstrap Library to build personal projects
- Have basic understanding of html5 canvas element, on manupulating pixels on a canvas image and a canvas video element.
- Good understanding of CSS (Completed course at on Getting started with CSS)

Elastic Search

Experience with elastic search, implemented for a multi-tenant search strategy. 


Ruby scripts for creating tables with necessary columns for new tenants creation.
- Ruby scripts to analyse Logs.
- Well versed in C with Data Structure and C++ (OOP)language.
- Familiar with Socket programming.
- Familiar with Device Drivers concept.
- Shell scripting.
- Familiar with Scala, sbt tool.
- Familiar with Apache spark and kafka
- Machine Learning Algorithms ( Supervised and Unsupervised).



- Work on new technologies.
- Learn a better usage of database to its fullest.
- In getting deepest knowledge about databases.

Personal Strength

- Good team worker.
- Good in supporting the CMS / front end developer for API integration.
- Good in supporting testers and suggesting for more validations.


 To be part of development team and work for betterment of company in terms of product release and to achieve satisfaction for company as well clients.

Personal Information

Address: #50, JP Nagar 9th phase, Behind RS Developer Club House, Bengaluru-560062

Personal Number: 9449469253