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Robert Summey

Service Desk Analyst

Career Highlights and Qualifications

I began working for Intelliteach in March, 2016. I have two Microsoft Certifications and am working on the full MOS Expert Cert. I am currently assigned to Team 3 handling overflow for Dedicated teams as well as our standing firms. I am currently employed with Intelliteach.

From March 2012 until July 2012 I worked as Assistant Manager and Primary Bartender for Trinity Lounge and Night Club in Durham, NC. This required me to take inventory of our supplies and provide order lists to our wine rep and to our GM for liquor and mixers. I also was in charge of opening and closing the bar whenever the GM requested it of me. I am a trained mixologist and enjoy the pace of a busy bar, which garnered us many clients and return business for the atmosphere and attitude provided both in and behind the bar. I also worked with the GM to manage bands and provide a good working relationship with any acts we booked to insure their willingness to perform in our venue again. 

From May 2011 until September 2011 I worked for Old Dominion Freight Lines as a Rating Clerk. My job duties required me to understand contract language and apply specific protocols to certain bills of lading depending on the contract under which they fell. I rated and audited bills of lading for shipments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and ensured that they would be charged the proper rate as per contractual understanding.

From February 2010 through Jan 2012 I acted as a bartender for several private events in various settings including country clubs, conventions, art openings, and private parties in homes. 

From August 2010 to May 2011 I worked for Sears Holdings, INC. as a sales consultant in their home theater and electronics department. I managed financing, billing information, and high pressure sales on multi-thousand dollar systems and managed their installation scheduling. I also was responsible for taking customer information and following up on their satisfaction with their experience and the product itself.

Then from January through December of 2008, I worked with Master's Security Systems, INC. installing home and commercial networks, cable lines, home theatres, whole house audio, and security systems. I am more than familiar with the tools and protocol used to install these systems as well as the proper safety measures and building codes that need to be followed. I am an efficient worker and interact well with both clients and co-workers. I am skilled in customer data security and entry of that secure information into our database for invoicing and records-keeping purposes. I was also, as an installation technician, responsible for making suggestions to the customer based on their needs and as a result indirectly responsible for additional sales.

Prior to that I worked for Carolina Computers as their Outside Sales Director, salesperson and repair technician. I am familiar with most major operating systems including some Linux. I am well versed in both hardware repair and software troubleshooting. I am also a capable salesperson with a good attitude and a very effective sales mentality. I recorded new lead information and current customer information as well as sales records for invoicing and shipping.  I also managed the company's CRM software and kept it up to date with proper notation on client needs. 

In addition to these periods of employment, I have also been doing freelance computer repair and have my own clientelle list that I have accumulated and who have used me for repeat business.


I am seeking employment that allows me to be efficient and methodical, work within a dynamic and forward thinking team , and challenges my intellect regularly. I am no stranger to hard work and have worked in many fields that I've found enjoyable. My goal is to work in a position that provides an enjoyable environment that I can really dedicate my time to. I am a quick learner and look forward to furthering my knowledge of any aspect of the business.

Work experience

Apr 2011Sep 2011

Rating Clerk and Data Entry Specialist

Old Dominion Freight Lines


- Understand contract language and how it applies uniquely to each bill of lading and each customer differently.

- Apply contractually agreed upon discounts to freight bills.

- Enter accurately and efficiently all pertinent information into bills of lading and process for invoicing.

- Communicate inter-departmentally to correct any mistakes made on a bill of lading and process the bill in        as timely a fashion as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

- Complete all bills assigned to personal terminals and move on to helping other rating clerks with their load      once finished with my own.

Aug 2010Apr 2011

Sales Associate

Sears Holdings Inc.


- Keep track of customer needs to best match customer with products that will answer their needs.

- Interact with the public in difficult sales situations.

- Make money drops when opening or closing store.

- Enter customer information for shipping, installation scheduling, and invoicing.

Jan 2008Dec 2008

Technician in training

Master's Security Systems, INC.

Responsibilities / Achievements

- Run wires and install security and networking equipment including phone, computer, and cable lines and jacks in houses in both the rough-in phase of construction and in finished homes and places of business.

- Testing and verifying the integrity of the wiring using both tone generators and Resi-testers.

- Solving difficult problems in installation based on the construction of the building and the specific challenges therein.

- Paperwork and filing.

- Customer support and interaction.

- Learning new systems and programming differences of said systems.

- Recording of secure information for records-keeping and invoicing.

Aug 2007Oct 2007

Outside Sales Rep. and Repair Technician

Carolina Computers

Responsibilities / Achievements

- Find new clients and consult with them on their networking and computing needs in order to best serve them and best profit the company.

- Contact prior business and individual customers semi - regularly to ensure repeat business and remind them of our services and availability.

- Record new client lead information and sales totals for shipping, installation scheduling, and invoicing.

- Install software and troubleshoot programming problems in both Macintosh and Windows.

- Understand network and personal security and implement  security protocols for both business and home computing.

- Repair hardware and retrieve data from machines that have malfunctioned.

- Understand networking and how to troubleshoot issues within both hardware and software.

Aug 2005Oct 2006


Nature's Apothecary

Responsibilities / Achievements

- Open and close store including bank drops, vendor orders, and book keeping.

- Customer interaction and sales as well as advice.

- Cleaning and repair of store's interior to suit business.

- Account keeping for entire business.

- Inventory orders from multiple vendors.


Durham Technical Community College

Computer Info. Tech.

College of the Albemarle

Returning to school for a degree in programming. Will be transferring to another university after moving.

Jun 2004Nov 2006


Did not finish due to financial considerations.

References Are Available Upon Request

Name: Aaron Corder

Company: Old Dominion Freight and Shipping

Relationship: Co-Worker

Contact #: 336 - 312 - 8168

Name:Mike Murray

Relationship: Supervisor

Contact #: 336 -303-8287

Name: Steve Assaid

Company: Master's Security Systems, INC.

Relationship:  Employer

Contact #: 757 - 482 - 8072