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  • MISSION - Helping companies do business.
  • PERSONAL SLOGAN - Exceptional vision comes from seeing things at different angles,experience
  • RESULTS ORIENTED:.... Success comes from constant preparation and most importantly a feedback loop recognized and attended.
  • TRACK RECORD:............28 year anniversary! Co-Owner Global Response, Gallery Owner, Hundreds of successful projects.

[email protected] My Degree is in Fine Art. Composing a painting is like running a business. The results matter but so do the techniques! I abide by the following principles that I learned from PTAC of Michigan, some of the nicest people with a simple Mission to help small companies do business: S - Sustainable T - Trend spotters R - Realizing O - Opportunity N - Never quitting G - Getting involved

Work experience

Nov 2004Present


Global Response North
A Michigan company dedicated to customer service excellence.
May 1982Present


Shoosty Fine Art Gallery
Dedicated to the ongoing study and creation of fine art.
Feb 1976Present


Global Response
Your Brand. Our passion!
Jun 1976Nov 1982


BFA Fine Art and Architecture


Lou Mandic

Stephen and I have known each other for more than a decade now. I find him to be an interesting blend of artist and scientist based on his results as a painter and the architect of the software he uses in his corporate life. He is a sharp person with great passion for everything he does. I highly recommend his work at Shoosty and Global.





University of Florida

Corporate Art Collections Permanent Collection Global Response Corp, Florida Cederna International, Iron River, Michigan Private Art Collections Albert and Pearl Nipon, Philadelphia Alan Hartman, New Jersey

Irv Kifen, Florida