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Work experience

Jan 2014Present

Administration Operations Coordinator


Delta Industrial Supplies.

Salmabad, The Kingdom of Bahrain.

 Making sure the Sales team is appropriately assisted in their day to day activities by the store team. Ensuring the Sales team meets the day to day, weekly and monthly targets. Researching companies online and finding out companies in the market that don't exist in our database. Cold calling companies in the market and letting them know of our products, trying to understand their purchase margin and try to give them a competent solution based on the availability of products. Fixing up appointments for the Sales team to maintain productive sales interactions developing business Finding the best products based on movement and helping the GM determine on repurchase of materials. Helping the sales team purchase a product not in stock locally to fulfill an order at the most reasonable rate possible to maximize profit at the same time ensuring that the purchase is entered correctly into the database by retrieving the invoices to make the entry. Making sure the accounts invoices are appropriately handed back to the salesman for collection, checking if the Lpos are attached to the invoices. Contacting the existing clients to ensure they send the pending LOCAL PURCHASE ORDERS on time so that the collection process is not delayed. Ensuring that the sales team is well assisted to help business development and the accounts is helped with the aftersale work for smooth running of the company.

Jan 2014May 2014

Sr. Sales Coordinator


Delta Industrial Supplies.

Salmabad, The Kingdom of Bahrain.

  Working closely with the sales team, supporting them to successfully maintain relationships with clients.Fulfilling the necessary paperwork required to facilitate the sale by coordinating with the sales team and generating invoices/delivery notes based on the requirements of the customer/ client.Maintaining all the after-sale work: making deliveries of the requirements of the customer within the time frame discussed by the sales team with the client/ customer.Retrieving the acknowledged invoices/delivery notes upon successful delivery and checking them and handing it over to the accounts team for further procedures.In-case of any delay on delivery , contacting the salesman and the customer to keep the updated about the change in the schedule and keeping  the customer /client relation active to support future sales interactions. Keeping a track of all the Local Purchase Orders received from various companies and keeping them for future references.Making sure the store has all the necessary stock and informing the management of anything short based on the requisitions coming in.Helping the store keeper plan on organising the store racks appropriately to ease out the process.Keeping a copy of all the Invoices/Delivery notes generated by me along with any local purchase if any made by the sales team to fulfill the customer’s requirement due to the lack of stock availability for future references.Helping the sales team keep themselves updated of the stock availability of various products demanded by the customer. Keeping a track of the daily accomplishment made by the sales team and updating the management and every sales employee of the sale made by them on a daily, weekly & monthly basis.

Jan 2012Nov 2012

Customer Service Advisor


 Bridgeworkz e-services.

Bangalore, KA, India.

(Australian project)

Making outbound calls to the customer and introducing our company to the customer along with our offer. Focusing on getting the precise details from the customer and offer a free energy comparison. Calculating precisely the per unit values on the customer's energy bills and giving a calculation on the best packages in the market which can save them money. Comparing the current facilities of the customer with the best offered by the competitors and helping them get the utmost value.

Jun 2011Dec 2011

Customer Service Advisor/Tele-Marketing Executive


Dial Universe/KGISL.

Bangalore, KA, India.

(Canadian project)

Supporting the customers service team retain customers by analyzed accounting skills. Comparing the current facilities of the customer with the best offered by the competitors and helping them get the utmost value. Negotiating with the customer on the facilities provided and demanded on the basis of the productivity and the loss incurred during the process. Understanding and recognizing the business development possibilities and upsell the best package servicing the customer's interest. Sector Awards and Recognition. (United States project) Researching the industry experts, reaching out and introducing the product gauging the decision makers' interest. Staying focused on getting the decision makers on-call and making him/her understand how can we and our products be of advantage to their organization. Explaining the importance and positive effects of displaying recognitions and explain possibilities of business expansion. Prequalify the prospect's interest and driving the excitement about the product in them ensuring the sales team will have the utmost productivity from the research database. Ensuring every call and lead is disposed on the CRM appropriately so that the leads can be filtered correctly as wrong dispositions can be a waste of time for the sales team.

May 2010Jun 2011

Customer Service Advisor


Aditya Birla Minacs.

Bangalore, KA, India.

(US project)

Internet Service Provider

Supporting the internet facilities provided to the customers and resolving their queries the best way possible. Trouble -shooting the wireless broadband connection problems and give suggestions to improve their experience. Understanding the previous issues the customer faced and keeping that in mind ensuring that we help the research team keep themselves updated so that they come up with newer and better solutions for the problems faced. Providing feedback to the backend team based on the troubleshooting done , so that they can keep a track of the issues faced by our customers.


Worked in a competitive environment ensuring mutual respect and helping attitude.Maintaining the call protocols and responding appropriately to the customer demands and their queries.Following the call procedures and the quality measures that are set up for best customer relations with the client. Maintaining and fulfilling all the client requirements that are bound to change from time to time for utmost client satisfaction.


Jun 2005Jul 2006

Grade XII

Dayamayi Mata English High School

Science stream.GPA: 61.0


Jun 2003Jul 2004

Grade X


GPA: 71.0

Text Section

I have a keen interest in the field of Interactive Intelligence: therefore from my work involvement so far I have expanded my communication skills from mere interaction to delivering passionately exciting Customer Experience in the B2C field and negotiations generating business possibilities by coordinating with decision makers in the B2B field! I have also developed sales as well as administrative coordination skills from my exposure to operations in the trading field.