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Shischa Alfiani

  • Jl. Merak I Blok B4 No. 21 Kutabumi, Tangerang 15562 Indonesia
  • +62811-888-9200

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Apr 2014Present

Human Resources Assistant Manager

PT. KSK Insurance Indonesia

Reporting to : President Director and KSK Group Human Resources (Kuala Lumpur based)

Job description :

  • Complete & endorse by group management and socialised to employees within the target timeline
  1. Company Regulation
  2. Group Rank & Grade in KSK Insurance Indonesia
  3. Benefits Policy to standardize with Group Policy (HP Policy, Travel, Socialize New Policy
  • Coordinate and administer KPIs setting process and Performance Appraisail exercise as per timeline
  1. KPIs setting with all tracking reports
  2. Quarterly review
  3. Annual review
  • Recruitment of critical position, expenses & manpower budget
  1. Percent of critical positions filled within timeline (to look at Org Chart for timeline)
  2. Within budget and completed within timeline
  3. Turnaround time for junior position recruitment
  • Coordinate Training
  1. To held 1 training every quarter (in- house or external)
  2. Training program conducted as per training plan
  3. Calculate manpower Productivity Ratio
  • Payroll and medical processing for KSK Insurance Indonesia employees ( 1 Head Office and 5 Branches)
  • And other HR related
Apr 2012Mar 2014

HR & GA Assistant Manager


Reporting to :  Managing Director of PT. Haka Group and all Directors in the group (PT. Intim Wira Energi, PT. Bumi Rama Nusantara, PT. Haka Motors, PT. Macca System Infokom, PT. Intim Sentra Utama)

Job description :

  • Responsible for making internal and external letters from HRD & GA Department for Head office companies and Subsidiaries Company
  • Handling employees medical reimbursements with accorndance with employee limits.
  • Supervised 6 employees including 1 staff, 1 receptionist, 2 OB’s, 2 drivers and 1 messenger
  • Responsible for review daily wages of PT. Intim Wira Energi in SPBE and Parent Company & subsidiaries company employees allowances
  • Responsible for review Managing Director vehicle expenses
  • Responsible for review due dates of all vehicle taxes, documents and companies licenses (Parent Company and Subdiaries Company)
  • And other HR & GA related
Sept 2011Mar 2012

HRD & GS Manager

PT. Integra Pratama

Reporting to : Directors of PT. Integra Pratama, Directors of PT. Maha Mitra Sejati, Directors of PT. Integrasi Service Mandiri and the Directors of PT. Global Integrasi Prima

Additional duties:

  • Responsible for making the legality of new company establishment.
  • Responsible for making all the internal and external letters from the HRD & GS Department for all companies.
  • Handling employees’ medical reimbursement with accorndance employee limits.
  • Handling employees medical insurance (Equity insurance for PT. Integra Pratama and PT. Integrasi Service Mandiri)  and CAR Insurance (preventia claim for PT. Integra Service Mandiri)
  • Supervised 12 employees including 2 staffs, 1 receptionist, 4 OB’s, 3 drivers and 2 messengers.
  • Responsible for managing over 60 employees of PT. Integra Pratama, 15 internal employees of PT.  Maha Mitra Sejati and over 120 employees of PT. Maha Mitra Sejati and 7 employees of PT. Global Integrasi Prima from their absences, letters, and their payrolls (including also BOD’s members from Parent and Subsidiaries companies).
  • Responsible for reviews due dates of all vehicle taxes, vehicle insurances (PT. Asuransi Wahana Tata), documents and companies licenses’ (Parent Company and Subdiaries Company).
  • Responsible for review daily activity of company vehicles expenses (taxi and companies).
  • Responsible for preparing report to JAMSOSTEK’s re and deposits for Parent Company and Subdiaries companies.
  • And other HR & GA related
Jul 2010Sept 2011

HR & GA Supervisor

PT. Sri Rejeki Putri Mandiri Raja Fresh

Reporting to : Managing Director

Job description:

  • Responsible for taking care over 130 employees of PT. SRPM including Kitchen and Operational Store and also PT. Olive Technology Indonesia (PT. OTI) by checking all the absences for all employees, checking forms and permits
  • Responsible for making all the internal – external letters from the HRD & GA Department (certificates, memos) and for the Managing Director
  • Making the meal staffs schedule to the Kitchen for the employees with over 1 year working period
  • Handling all the companies legality for the the Head Office and Branches for PT. Srirejeki Putri Mandiri (PT. SRPM) and PT. Olive Technology (PT. OTI), including insurances, and all government permissions
  • Doing the recruitments for Raja Fresh’s  store and kitchen all Divisions and Departments (Fresh (Fruits, Vegetables, Meat and Fish), Grocery, Customer Service, Cashiers, Servers, Kitchen’s Hands, Warehouse, F&A, Marketing, OB and Courier)
  • Handling employees medical insurance (Manulife Insurance)
  • Handling payroll for PT. SRPM and PT. SRF Group
  • Directly responsible and provides all payroll reports to the HRD & GA Supervisor
  • Becoming an MOD (Manager On Duty) for Store & Kitchen in weekend, especially Sunday
  • And other HR & GA related
Nov 2009Apr 2010

HR & GA Supervisor

PT. Golden Agin

Reporting to :  Director

Sept 2008Sept 2009

HR & GA Administrator

PT. Dos Ni Roha

Reporting to :  Branch Manager


Faculty of Law

Padjajaran University

Graduated with 2.85 GPA (Based on 4 scale)


  • Familiar in working with computer using MS Office and Networking
  • Fluent in English both oral and writing


  • I am a fast learner and hardworking person who can also work under pressure
  • I am capable to work in both independent or team work environment and adapt with a positive approach to any working environment
  • I am reliable, punctual and well prepared with excellent time management, effective and efficient in accomplishing any task given


  • To improve my competence by experiencing in the real professional environment
  • To secure solve level position in related field with challenging and competitive environment, where my knowledge and skill can be utilized and developed