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"Lawn-less Landscapes"
If you live in a drought area or just want to conserve water, I can teach you how to create luxurious, lawn-less landscapes. You will save money on watering but not at the expense of beauty!
Urban Gardens: "Seeds in the City!"
Gardening in the city takes a little extra thought, especially when you have limited space. Dwarf trees, plants  with slim profiles to fit in narrow garden beds and lightweight pottery are all essentials for the city gardener.  You can grow it all in the city, just make sure to keep those edible plants away from dog pee!
Veggie Gourmet Recipes under 400 Calories!
Eat luxuriously from your own vegetable garden and keep your calorie intake under control. Ethnic cuisine keeps you from getting bored and it tastes delicious. 400 calories or less!
Functional Garden Art
Consider all the elements in your yard that are functional, (fences, overhangs, floors and mulch) and elevate them to art status. I can show you how.  
Indoor Edens
Treat yourself to the "Eden Experience" with indoor gardens. Schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and homes can benefit from cleaner air and a more relaxed atmosphere. Create a "spa sanctuary" at home with self watering containers and easy care plants.
The Raw Food Gardener
Raw foodies love fresh fruits and vegetables, that is why I need to teach them the top 10 edibles that they need to grow to keep their raw food pantries stocked!
The Immigrant Gardener: Beauty in the Ghetto
A lot of Americans are getting excited about creating their own "back to the land" experience in their urban landscapes. Some people  are even raising chickens and small farm animals.  "Farmettes" are the latest rage, but  hardly a "new experience." Have you been to the Barrio lately? Or to "Little Tokyo" or "Little Armenia?" Immigrants have been growing their own food and keeping their own livestock in the USA for years!  They have some "old school" sustainable gardening tips to share with the rest of us too!
Container Gardens
I hate "typical" container gardens!  I like to use shrubs that "nobody" uses as specimen plants in pots, and watch heads turn. Container gardens are perfect for apartment dwellers and are used to define patio spaces, as vignettes in entries, as living sculptures and to grow food!
Planning a Sexy Garden
Couple's can rekindle their romantic feelings  for each other under the stars or under the sun, (if your neighbors are not nosey). Proper placement of spas, destination areas and creative screening plants set the stage.
Edible Edens-Take Those Veggies Out of the Plot!
It's nice to have a dedicated vegetable plot for your vegetables. If  your yard is small, you may not have any room left for sitting, playing or entertaining though. Mix it up in the garden- veggies with perennials and fruit trees along fences. You can have it all with careful planning.
Double Duty Design
Gardens shouldn't just "stand there and look pretty." Do something for me! Feed me, shelter me, give me a place to sit, eat, entertain and play. I love double duty. My raised vegetable planters that double as built in seating.
"Future" Gardening Techniques
Fertile top soil is in peril all over the world. Thank God we've got some tricks up our sleeve to overcome this deficiency so that we can continue to grow food everywhere! Check out "no-soil foam gardens," grow socks, hydroponics , aquaponics and other gardening techniques will keep our hands clean and our plates full of fresh food! 
Unconventional Design
Truly original design includes clever space planning and creating frames and vistas in the garden. Didn't inherit a great space? Great. Now the fun begins!

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From Television Pros

“I had the great pleasure of working with Shirley on the Discovery Home series "Garden Police" that she co-hosted with Michael Glassman.

Shirley is to thank for so much of the success of the series - from casting, to design, to execution Shirley worked tirelessly to make each garden makeover a smashing success.

Her creativity, talent, people skills, and natural ability on camera made the entire process a true pleasure. I am proud of the work we did together on the series, and forever grateful to Shirley for her contribution.

It would never have been the same without Shirley's talent and magical personality!” January 7, 2008

Pamela Deutsch, Executive Producer, Discovery Emerging Networks

“Shirley brings an energy to a gardening segment that I've never witnessed in all my years of producing television.

Shirley lights up the stage, the hosts, and cameras with her simple, user-friendly information that is ALWAYS entertaining with class and style!” January 6, 2008

Adora English, Supervising Producer at NBC Universal