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From Television Pros

“I had the great pleasure of working with Shirley on the Discovery Home series "Garden Police" that she co-hosted with Michael Glassman.

Shirley is to thank for so much of the success of the series - from casting, to design, to execution Shirley worked tirelessly to make each garden makeover a smashing success.

Her creativity, talent, people skills, and natural ability on camera made the entire process a true pleasure. I am proud of the work we did together on the series, and forever grateful to Shirley for her contribution.

It would never have been the same without Shirley's talent and magical personality!” January 7, 2008

Pamela Deutsch, Executive Producer, Discovery Emerging Networks

“Shirley brings an energy to a gardening segment that I've never witnessed in all my years of producing television.

Shirley lights up the stage, the hosts, and cameras with her simple, user-friendly information that is ALWAYS entertaining with class and style!” January 6, 2008

Adora English, Supervising Producer at NBC Universal