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At the eulogy Shimon Sheves delivered at the funeral of his close friend, leader and mentor, former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, he spoke of having "lost a country". Though referring to the fact that Israel after the Rabin assassination would not be the same Israel as before, it is perhaps not surprising that today London is home to Shimon Sheves. Sheves also studied abroad - at the University of New Haven in the US, graduating with a degree in business and public administration.

For the first time in sixteen years, since the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Sheves is hopeful, and preparing to come back to Israel with his family.  Although an active participant of capitalism, serving as consultant and advisor to large multi-national corporations and several governments, he supports extensive economic reform and believes that "it can only be achieved by a new political party that will be willing to go all the way" and Sheves trusts that a solution can be established through the formation of a new coalition that will make strategic changes in, among other things, moving budgets from the settlements in order to finance outlying areas. he has served as a crucial political advisor to prime ministers from Romania

Since 1995 Shimon Sheves has focused on the business world, rather than politics. Today, from London, he manages his many business interests, a main one being RSLB Partners, of which he was a co-founder in 2002 and still serves as Chairman. RSLB provides companies with business development, management and marketing services, with particular focus on Israeli companies looking to penetrate the American Market.  The company is headquartered in Washington DC.

Prior to his political career, Shimon Sheves was active in the Golan in the north of Israel, and there is no doubt that he made a major contribution to the economic development of the region. While holding the position of coordinator on Kibbutz Afik, Shimon Sheves was a member of the Golan Settlements Committee. This involvement was a stepping stone on the way to being appointed Chairman of the Golan Economic Development Company, the Chairman of Golan Settlements Committee and the Deputy Chairman of Golan Heights Regional Council. 

Shimon Sheves first met Rabin through activity in the Kibbutz movement and the professional and personal relationship that developed between them lasted until Rabin was assassinated in 1995, at which time Shimon Sheves was quoted as saying that he had "lost a leader and a friend".  For a period of six years, during Rabin's term as Minister of Defense at that time, Shimon Sheves was his personal and political aide assuming responsibility for the national infrastructure, the settlements and items of national priority. Many attribute credit for the Labor Party's political strategy that led to their first victory at the polls in 25 years to Shimon Sheves. When Rabin decided, in 1992, to run for Prime Minister, it was almost a foregone conclusion that his friend and confidante, Shimon Sheves, would become his campaign manager. From Rabin's election until his death in 1995 Shimon Sheves served as his Chief of Staff and general director, successfully directing many large, national-scale infrastructure projects.

After the Rabin assassination in 1995 Sheves made his career shift from public to private sector, taking with him many years of experience and a knowledge and understanding of the workings of political mechanisms that can only be gained from many years on the job. In the private sector Sheves has created, managed and assumed responsibility for the daily operations of large infrastructure projects, building himself a solid and respected reputation in the public sector too. Sheves also served on the boards of several institutions in the international finance field, such as the Trade Bank.

Since 2016 Sheves has been working with a number of international companies in the cyber development industry and today is the founder and chairman of HolistiCyber. He also has an active cyber security blog, which offers regular updates and recommendations for companies and individuals.

Work experience


Founder and chairman




Political advisor


Chief of Staff and General Director of the Prime Minister’s Office

Prime Minister’s Office

Chief of Staff and Personal Aide to Candidate for Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin

Yitzhak Rabin

Political and Personal Aide

Defense Minister office

Aide to the Defense Minister in charge of National Infrastructure, Settlements & National Priority Regions

Defense Minister office


Golan Settlements Committee


Golan Economic Development Company

Deputy Chairman

Golan Heights Regional Council


University of New Haven