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Over fourteen years experience in Sales

Driven, motivated and goal orientated

Extensive experience in sales philosophies, techniques, approaches, psychology and teaching

Work experience

Sales Manager

Autobahn Gallery

Managed used car dealer

Managed inventories of up to 80 cars

Increased sales ten fold over the course of 5 years

Managed 6 person sales team

Mentored sales team to consistently meet and beat monthly goals

Finance Manager

Dublin Toyota

Closed over 100+ deals per month

Handled all aspects of the finance process

Consistently met and beat all monthly goals

Sales Associate

Dublin Toyota

Used car sales associate

Closed over 50+ deals per month

Mortgage Loan Officer

Norcal Lending

Closed over 15 high dollar loans per month

Consistently made 150 K per year on commission only income

Assisted in closing deals for fellow loan officers 



Extensive experience buying and selling through auction networks including Adesa and Manheim