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Shiami Rahman

Motivated individual seeking to create and deliver results based projects and solutions. 


Sep 2009Apr 2014

Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree  

University of Toronto

Major: International Development Studies-                  Minor: Economics- 

Development and Environment                                         Micro and Macro Economics

Knowledge and Communication for Development        Price Theory

Media and Development                                                     Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

Political Economy of International Development            Money and Banking

Project Management                                                           Economic Development

Economics of SME and Microcredit 

Minor: Geography- 

Geography of global processes,                          The Logic of Geographic Thought

Social Geography                                                   The Toronto Region

Geography of South East Asia                             Local Geographies of Globalization 

Cities and Environment                                         Geographies of Disease

Urban Geography


Work experience

Oct 2014Nov 2014

Research and Administrative Assistant

g(irls) 20 Summit
  • Working very closely with the CEO and Founder of the organization to attend client meetings and discuss ideas about the upcoming summit in Turkey.
  • Produce and publish Google application forms for the delegates to apply.
  • Screen applications for the representatives participating in the summit.
  • Process the application results in a tidy and organized manner for the sponsors and corporate partners to comprehend.
  • Meticulously synchronize all expenses along with the corresponding statements for the auditing team.
  • Create meeting schedules and manage respective timings and locations.
  • Conducting research work and create reports, alongside many other duties.
  • Manage the company's social media and web content.
  • Handle various other logistics.
Oct 2014Oct 2014

Ballot Officer

Elections Canada
  • Administrate the voting procedures including the opening and closing of the location.
  • Verify the voter's identity and cross check with the voters list.
  • Assist with voters who do not have proper ID or their names on the list. Issue ballots according to residency status, and explain what to.
  • Phone in the election results following the end of the voting process. 
Dec 2012Aug 2013

Library Support Staff

University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Assisting the Management Liaison Librarian in monitoring the library for noise and ensuring the patrons follow the Library's Quiet Policy.
  • Often act as the first point of contact for the University Library Perform administrative office duties.
  • Display strong interpersonal and communication skills as student numbers had to be collected and recorded in case of any misconduct.
  • Demonstrate leadership through decisions made successfully through judgement.
  • Maintain a positive and professional outlook while working with peers and University staff. 
Aug 2011Dec 2012

Market Researcher

Greenwich Associates
  • Conducting business to business research and surveys from high value clients.
  • Represent the client companies first hand to the public.
  • Interview(often vulnerable) customers about their experiences while maintaining strict protocol. 
Jun 2010Jun 2010

G20 Summit Staff

MacDonald-Cole Associates
  • Greet the foreign delegates and journalists as they arrived.
  • Provide guidance and answered any queries regarding the venue.
  • Working in coordination with coworkers and provided assistance and directions as was needed.
  • Work with the press release schedules and arrange logistics for that.
  • Oversee the Summit's food and drink arrangements and coordinate setting it up.
May 2008Dec 2008

Sales Associate

Reitmans Canada
  • Operate the cash register(returns, exchanges and cash deposits).
  • Do necessary paperwork while opening/closing the store.
  • Working under pressure at a fast pace during peak seasons.

About Me

I am a development enthusiast, aspiring to strive towards achieving a better world. I am determined to make a positive change through application of my knowledge and skills. 

Contact Info

1107- 1 De Boers Dr. 
Toronto, ON
M3J 0G6
Ph: (416) 270 9429

Volunteer Experience

Habitat for Humanity                                                                                               2014

  • Volunteer Ambassador

Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU)                                                  2010-2014

  • Take part in various student life opportunities in planning, creating welcoming and accessible services and activities for the Student Centre.

UTSC Convocation Reception                                                                      June 13th 2012

  • Welcome the graduates and guests while providing directions to the reception hall at the Hart House.
  • Assist other volunteers and officials with any convocation related duties.

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)                                                               2011

  • Escort celebrities from their green room to the event hall.
  • Participate in administrative duties to assist the TIFF employees.