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Personal Profile

I Have been Studying System & Server Administration Mostly self taught in my Free time. I've always had a strong interest in Computers and Networking anything to do with technology has always interested me .I'm a motivated individual. who is keen to learn new skills and undergo further training to enhance my chances in the I.T Sector. I have also completed various online courses within this field.

I'm sure I would prove myself an asset to any Company within this sector.

Given the chance, I would explore my knowledge and expertise in the I.T industry I'm more then Capable of completing most tasks either be simply monitoring the servers, or updating patches & Security Fixes. I'm also quite confident at server pen-testing. Finding security related problems and presenting the results to the client.

My Goal

To obtain a Job in the I.T industry Or Undergo Further Training to Enhance my chances at getting a I.T role. Where I can maximize my technical experience in configuration and maintenance of Linux Server based systems and Network Applications.

TECHNICAL SKILLS & Security Tools 

Linux,(Mainly Debian Slackware & Some CentOS) Windows Server, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Firewalls,routers/switches, LAN/WAN & WIFI TCP/IP ,VPN SSH,HTML,LAMP,POP3,PHP, APACHE JavaScript,
Some Oracle and Cisco IOS

Metaspoilt , Wireshark , Armitage Nikto, Dsniff ,Ssltrip, Hydra & Nmap Dsniff, Ssltrip, Wireshark aircrack-ng , airmon-ng & Many more

I.T Experiance


 Multiplay Gameservers(Dedicated Server Hosting)

Online Maintenance 

Helped Manage the servers Remotely Alongside other Administrators, for several years. With Various Game Server Deployment Mainly Using Oracle Virtual Box Running on a Linux CentOS 5.11 Server


Computer Repair 

Cube Computers Rugeley Staffordshire  
  • Installing and configuring new Software and Hardware
  • Making Backups of Files and Hard Drive Partitions
  • Electronic fault-finding on laptops and computers
  • Installing Various Software & Operating Systems
  • Applying new Software updates and Security Fixies
  • New Hardware Installation Repair laptop Screen installs

Network Administrator (Junior)

Ultra Electronics Rugeley Staffordshire
  • Configuration and Administration of Servers (mainly Debian based Linux) 
  • Monitoring The Debian Based Servers (Bandwidth,Usage,Load,Connections & APACHE logs)
  • FTP,VPN ,TELNET ,SSH. MPD. Configuration and Administration
  • Installing VMware/Oracle Virtual-box And Configuring the Workstations to meet the users specifications 
  • Performing persistent backups of the Company's In house Software & Hard drive Partitions
  • Firewall installation Configuration of TCP/IP Settings & Port-Forwarding
  • Some Basic Python & Bash Programming Language

Education And Training 


Hagley Park Sports Academy

GNVQ Information Technology 4 X A GNVQ Graphics Design 2 X A GSCE English 2 X C  , Maths B , Science 2 X C . Art 2 XB

Online Security I.T Courses 

LFD211 /LFD312 

LFD211 - Introduction to Linux for Developers

LFD312 - Developing Python Applications for GNU/Linux


OSWP Wireless


To conduct effective attacks against wireless networks and varying configurations Tools Used (Airmon-ng, Kismet Airsnort, Wireshark Aircrack-ng Pyrit Dsniff, crunch ettercap-gtk ) (date finished 10/09/2013)




depth examination on vectors used by today's attackers to breach infrastructure security Tools Used (S.E.T metaspoilt-framework nmap hydra  (date finished 20/09/2013)

Additional Information


available on request.