Personal Profile

I Have been Studying System & Server Administration Mostly self taught in my Free time. I've always had a strong interest in Computers and Networking anything to do with technology has always interested me .I'm a motivated individual. who is keen to learn new skills and undergo further training to enhance my chances in the I.T Sector. I have also completed various online courses within this field.

I'm sure I would prove myself an asset to any Company within this sector.

Given the chance, I would explore my knowledge and expertise in the I.T industry I'm more then Capable of completing most tasks either be simply monitoring the servers, or updating patches & Security Fixes. I'm also quite confident at server pen-testing. Finding security related problems and presenting the results to the client.

My Goal

To obtain a Job in the I.T industry Or Undergo Further Training to Enhance my chances at getting a I.T role. Where I can maximize my technical experience in configuration and maintenance of Linux Server based systems and Network Applications.

TECHNICAL SKILLS & Security Tools 

Linux,(Mainly Debian Slackware & Some CentOS) Windows Server, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Firewalls,routers/switches, LAN/WAN & WIFI TCP/IP ,VPN SSH,HTML,LAMP,POP3,PHP, APACHE JavaScript,
Some Oracle and Cisco IOS

Metaspoilt , Wireshark , Armitage Nikto, Dsniff ,Ssltrip, Hydra & Nmap Dsniff, Ssltrip, Wireshark aircrack-ng , airmon-ng & Many more

I.T Experiance

Work experience
2012 - 2015

 Multiplay Gameservers(Dedicated Server Hosting)

Online Maintenance 

Helped Manage the servers Remotely Alongside other Administrators, for several years. With Various Game Server Deployment Mainly Using Oracle Virtual Box Running on a Linux CentOS 5.11 Server

2007 - 2007

Computer Repair 

Cube Computers Rugeley Staffordshire  
  • Installing and configuring new Software and Hardware
  • Making Backups of Files and Hard Drive Partitions
  • Electronic fault-finding on laptops and computers
  • Installing Various Software & Operating Systems
  • Applying new Software updates and Security Fixies
  • New Hardware Installation Repair laptop Screen installs
2005 - 2007

Network Administrator (Junior)

Ultra Electronics Rugeley Staffordshire
  • Configuration and Administration of Servers (mainly Debian based Linux) 
  • Monitoring The Debian Based Servers (Bandwidth,Usage,Load,Connections & APACHE logs)
  • FTP,VPN ,TELNET ,SSH. MPD. Configuration and Administration
  • Installing VMware/Oracle Virtual-box And Configuring the Workstations to meet the users specifications 
  • Performing persistent backups of the Company's In house Software & Hard drive Partitions
  • Firewall installation Configuration of TCP/IP Settings & Port-Forwarding
  • Some Basic Python & Bash Programming Language

Education And Training 

2000 - 2006

Hagley Park Sports Academy

GNVQ Information Technology 4 X A GNVQ Graphics Design 2 X A GSCE English 2 X C  , Maths B , Science 2 X C . Art 2 XB

Online Security I.T Courses 


LFD211 /LFD312 

LFD211 - Introduction to Linux for Developers

LFD312 - Developing Python Applications for GNU/Linux

2013 - 2013

OSWP Wireless


To conduct effective attacks against wireless networks and varying configurations Tools Used (Airmon-ng, Kismet Airsnort, Wireshark Aircrack-ng Pyrit Dsniff, crunch ettercap-gtk ) (date finished 10/09/2013)

2013 - 2013



depth examination on vectors used by today's attackers to breach infrastructure security Tools Used (S.E.T metaspoilt-framework nmap hydra  (date finished 20/09/2013)

Additional Information


available on request.