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Work experience


Call Center Agent 

Hobbs & Love, LLC
  • Answering incoming customers calls and provide information regarding company’s products and services
  • Resolve customers' questions and concern in efficient manner on the First Call Resolution
  • Resolve all customer complaints in an immediate and efficient
  • Transferred customers to accountant with specific tax concerns
  • Met daily, weekly, and monthly merit requirements
  • Maintaining the highest standards of quality
  • Perform evaluation of clients’ needs and provide recommendations
  • Perform research activities for the purpose of answering difficult questions
  • Ensure that all information is clearly communicated to customers
  • Provide customers with information on company policies, procedures and protocols
  • Act as a customer advocate to resolve their issues by ascertaining urgency and sensitivity to the issue


TC of Gwinnett, Inc.
  • Business plan created through the PM Mythology.
  • Do resource planning and scheduling to procure services and identify risks.
  • Routinely developmental tasks and set priorities, set goals and objectives.
  • Generate and develop marketing strategies
  • Directs marketing efforts to promote visibility
  • Motivated staff six to exceed the goals of the company                                                                             
  • Consistently maintained a high standard performance record, exceptional personal service, and specific attention to detail which resulted in higher customer retention

Data Architect

CibaVision Corporate
  • Designed and build logical and physical data models for the Sale’s Data Warehouse (Data Marts) and Cognos catalogs
  • Gathered the End User requirements and generated Requirements Documentations
  • Designed and implemented ETL processes to load data into the Data Warehouse
  • Extraction of data through PL/SQL Procedures, Erwin, and SQL queries
  • Coordinated and facilitated testing for Functional User Test (FRT) and Functional Acceptance Test (FAT) with the Business Users.
  • Created test cases and testing environment for Business Users to test data.
  • Interpreter business rules to administrator, developers, and database administrators
  • Developed strategies for archive recovery, data acquisitions, and implementation of database
  • Coordinated with Business Leaders to assure the solution are complying with business strategies and are according to the IT strategic plan
  • Worked closely with the DBA to define the size and capacity for physical architecture to support the implementation of the Data Warehouse and Data Marts
  • Mediator between IT department and Business Users to resolve problems
  • Resolved developments, issues, developed implementation plans and provided operational guidelines
  • Created User Classes, Security and Privileges for Cognos reporting cubes
  • Secured Oracle production database environment by implementing the Harvest Source Control Repository

Sr. System Analyst

Nextel Communication 
  • Designed and build analytical data structures of  data models (physical and logical) for the Wireless Data Warehouse
  • Designed and supervised the transition from the existing oracle tables into the new architecture for Wireless’ Data Warehouse. Lay out the new framework and standards for the ETL redesign and guide the ETL developers with its proper implementation.
  • The created data dictionary using Erwin
  • Performed all data modeling for the Logical and Physical Data Models with no documentation provided by the source application.
  • Designed and implements the company Prepay Reports system utilized Developer 2000 with Oracle database running UNIX SUN Solaris 
  • Lead the ETL and OLAP tool selection process and made recommendations to senior management
  • Worked closely with Unix Administrators to design and implements of automatic error recovery and flow control using, PL/SQL, SQL queries, Korn Shell scripts, and various UNIX utilities
  • Coordinated and facilitated testing for Functional User Test (FRT) and Functional Acceptance Test (FAT) with the Business Users. Provided one-on-one training primarily to End Users on Oracle Discover 3.0
  • Responsible for cellular tower switches, software and International wireless billing system running on an Oracle database residing on UNIX HP-9000
  • Responsible for data analysis and reporting of data retrieved from cellular switches. Designed and modified financial web reporting using proprietary Ingress database and reporting tools




Luther Rice University

Master of Divinity/Ministry



Luther Rice University

Master of Arts in Bib. Counseling



Luther Rice University

Art of Religious