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A Human Resource Leadership position where I can make a major impact on company success and help develop a group of employees into being the best of the best.

A company where the top leader believes that you can have high performance and high results, in a friendly, team oriented, work environment with high values.



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A visionary, creative, and hands-on Human Resource Director who does things completely different than the rest of the HR world and does not follow the standard "HR Playbook".

Always rated by current/past leaders as a high-impact performer, and asked to advise much larger outside corporations on HR performance improvement strategies. 

Our employees have won numerous awards and outside recognition for their achievements, have a reputation for excellence in this region, are an exceptionally close team, and treat the company as if it were their own.

World Class Achievements

Work experience


Human Resource Director

Steere Enterprises Inc.

Steere Enterprises Inc.

Steere is a leading Tier 1&2 manufacturer of plastic, engine air induction sytems, for the automotive industry. 2 non-union, state-of-the-art, TS 16949/ISO 14001 certified plants, employing 300 employees. 

Human Resource Director

Hired as a change agent to transform a company with major problems, in a brutal industry, into a high performance organization that has made tremendous bottom line improvements, and has gained a reputation for excellence in the industry and northeast Ohio.

Recruited 95% of the workforce, including the entire management team, resulting in outstanding performance improvements in productivity, quality, safety, work comp, and attendance, and a world class work culture.

Ran HR as a profit center creating many cost cutting ideas and profit generating strategies such as target pricing for temp labor saving $200,000 per year, and receiving Ohio grants of $130,000.

Created and executed the strategy for huge safety and workers compensation improvements that have generated continuing annual savings of at least $500,000 per year and resulted in our company winning the first Ohio Governor's Award For Workers Compensation Excellence.

Reduced accidents from 120/year to 2/year, and improved from a -55% penalty rating to an +87% discount for worker's compensation premiums.

Improved perfect attendance in a factory workforce averaging 160 employees from 7 employees per year to an average of over 60 employees per year for the past 6 consecutive years.

Created and implemented a number of "World Class" HR best practices in many areas, such as, self-developed training in "The Psychology of Supervision".

Contributed many ideas outside the realm of HR, such as marketing, sales, and new products.


Human Resource Director

Winters Industries(Kaiser Aluminum)

Winters Industries(Division of Kaiser Aluminum)

Winters was a foundry and machining operation for aluminum automotive engine components. I was responsible for 3 plants employing about 600 employees.

Human Resource Director 

Hired for and successfully transitioned all HR related functions and programs through a sale and change of ownership.

Led all HR continuous improvement initiatives and assisted in the development of a company wide gain sharing program.

Led the strategy to defeat a UAW Union drive in our largest plant by a huge winning majority.

Reduced grievances in two of our union plants from 100/year to 5/year. 


Human Resource Manager

Great Lakes Canning(Coca-Cola)

Great Lakes Canning

Great Lakes canning was one of the highest volume Coca-Cola canning and bottling facilities in the country. Extremely automated, state-of-the-art, facility employing 250 employees.

Human Resource Manager

Hired as the sites' first HR Manager and created the entire HR function from the ground floor.

Hired to create and implement reforms as a result of a large class action race discrimination suit, resulting in a vast improvement in plant morale and diversity recruiting.

Created and implemented the company's first 24/7 operation which resulted in significant improvements in manufacturing operations and capital expense savings.

World Class Performance


Business Administration-Marketing


Human Resource Skills
Recruiting                                          Training                                              Performance Management Organization Development Work Culture Development Lean Manaufacturing 5S Kaizen Safety Workers Compensation TS 16949/ISO 14001 Employee Involvement Benefits Compensation Union Avoidance Labor Relations Union Negotiations Arbitration Winning, Achieving, and being the best!