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Work History


                                                                                                    Electrical Maintenance Manager

                                                                                                       Lafarge Emirates Cement, Member of LafargeHolcim                     
  • Ensure that Health & Safety rules and practices are well understood, implemented and consistently followed by the department employees and subcontractors.
  • Lead and coach the team on the development and implementation of (ESWP) Electrical Safe Work Practices to ensure the proper and safe methodologies while performing any electrical maintenance works.
  • Develop and achieve highest scores for Electrical Stations Integrity and Safe Ranking within LAFARGEHOLCIM plants in the Middle East & Africa Region
  • Ensure adoption and adherence to LafargeHolcim standards and best practices.
  • Accountable for the equipment availability and reliability, by administering business processes, maintains cross-functional working relationships and identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • Develop and implement strategies to optimize maintenance practices including defining optimum working methods, adoption of best practices, tools, ensuring control on consumption of spares and materials.
  • Maintain a service oriented environment focused on problem prediction, detection and resolving it effectively in the shortest time by implementing and maintaining the maintenance management part of Plant Operating Models (POM) based on the business excellence model contributing to enhance equipment reliability and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) to achieve the targeted production plans effectively with optimizing the resources.
  • Set and share department long, medium and short term goals in line with plant objectives. Tracking department Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Define Opex and Capex needs for the department and ensure adherence to approved budgets through effective monitoring and control.
  • Contribute actively to short, medium and long term investment planning to meet the company’s growth targets in the region by managing several Capex projects.
  • Play an active role in building organizational capabilities through managing the organisational changes, hiring and retaining talents, performance appraisal, ongoing feedback, training needs identification and implementation of effective training and development programs.
  • Certified internal auditor for ISO-9001, accountable for  maintenance scope and representative for the maintenance department during external ISO audits.


  • Technical expert for Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) in the Middle East & Africa region.

  • Trainer for the region of Middle East & Africa, delivering different training sessions in the maintenance field for LafargeHolcim plants in Middle East & Africa region.

Electrical Maintenance Coordinator

Lafarge Emirates Cement, Member of LafargeHolcim                       
  • Ensure that health & safety rules and regulations are being followed and safe procedures are being carried out during daily activities.
  • Actively supervise, in depth, day to day operational activities of my team; Buildlead and drive my team, facilitating their skills development, resolving disagreements, motivating and different duty assignments.
  • Accountable for equipment availability and reliability, by administering business processes, maintains cross-functional working relationships and identifies opportunities for improvement. Maintain a service oriented environment focused on problem prediction, detection and resolution.


  • Leader of “Energy Isolation Committee”, lead the team to develop the new system for energy isolation including HERA & HECP to cover plant-wide equipment and different activities.

Planning Coach, Maintenance Methods                                          

Lafarge Emirates Cement, Memmber of LafargeHolcim                   
  • Direct and coordinate the development of plant and equipment maintenance plans, preparation of scope of work, reservation/arrangement of materials, arrangement of resources, integration of projects and capital modifications and in house maintenance activities.
  • Prepare and plan preventive maintenance job plans, schedules and ensure the preparation, coordination, execution, and control of all major and routine maintenance.
  • Direct, coordinate and optimize the preparation of inspection job plans, routes, and calendars. 
  • Ensure the timely availability of materials and award of contracts for all shutdown related activities, coordinate with procurement department and provide technical support for the evaluation of bids and material specifications.
  • Develop and establish maintenance cost/planning/contracts processes and associated KPI's and present maintenance performance KPIs and analysis reports.


  • As Reliability Committee Leader, lead the team to analyze and define solutions to  reduce reactive maintenance using “Root Cause Analysis”  techniques.

Electrical Maintenance Coordinator                                                                      

CEMEX-Asuyt Cement Plant
  • Used to ensure completion of electrical maintenance jobs with the highest level of safety, quality and effectiveness at minimum cost to maximize equipment availability and reliability to achieve production plans and targets.
  • Managed the maintenance, troubleshooting, repairing, servicing, calibration, assembly, programming and testing of electrical equipment and different instruments.
  • Played a key role in the execution various upgrade and revamping projects including design and engineering phase, (FAT) factory acceptance test, and actively involved in the  installation and commissioning phases.
  • Lead and motivate the team, ensures coordination and cooperation between team members.

+ SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENT (Safety Administrator,Operations Department)

  • Represented operations department in the plant elected committee to improve Heath & Safety as a partnership with DuPont.
  • Attended two weeks theoretical and practical training sessions, at DuPont, Kevlar Plant, Londonderry-United Kingdom.
  • Purpose was to understand the applied health and safety procedures applied by DuPont and transferring that knowledge to build a similar H&S system in CEMEX-Egypt. 


Health & Safety

  • ESWP, Electrical Safe Work Practices, Project Manager 
  • Electrical Stations & Tunnels Fire Fighting System, Project Member.
  • Health & Safety School, Project Member.

Equipment & Process

  • Waste Heat Recovery, 9MW Electricity Generation, Project Manager.
  • Revamping of Automation SCADA & Control System, Project Manager.
  • Revamping of Packing Plant Electrical Stations, Project Manager.
  • Bucket Elevators for Raw Meal Silo and Kiln Feed, Project Member.
  • Shredded Tires Feeding  System, Project Member.
  • Revamping Electrostatic Precipitator, Project Member.
  • Automatic Truck Loader, Caricamat, Project Member.




IAESTE, Public Power Corporation (ΔEH), Athens, Greece.,