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Sherif Nasrat Mohamed Abd El-Baky

Undergraduate at Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Ain Shams University.



 Bachelor's Degree

Ain Shams University

Undergraduate Coursework:

Object-Oriented Programming; Data Structures;
Databases; Algorithms; Programming Languages; Computer Architecture;
Operating Systems; Software Engineering; Calculus IV;Computer Graphics;System Analysis and Design.


High School, Thanawya graduate.

Al Sayeda Aisha Language Schools


  • The Pharaoh and the Raiders 2 (XNA , 4-man team, C#).

A 2D-Plat-former
made using XNA game engine for the Object Oriented
Programming course. It’s a casual plat-former with a scrolling camera.
code repository can be found here .

  • Android Kids’ game (4-man team, Eclipse Android Development Kit).

An android application containing puzzles for kids made for the Data Structures
course. Contains login system which saves the users in a database using
SQLite and saves their preferences.

  • Pong game (Side project, Unity game engine, Javascript).

A side project that was made by Unity game engine in Javascript. I was trying
to learn Unity through this project. A classic game of pong with score board and
a reset button plus music.
Code repository can be found here .

  • The Pharaoh and the Raiders 1 (SFML C++ game, 4-man team).

A space shooter game that was made using SFML graphics library in C++ for
the Structured Programming course. Instead of the spaceship, we created a
pharaoh that can fly and shoot fireballs towards the incoming enemies.
Code repository can be found here .

  • Gundam (OpenGL, C++).

An OpenGL Project for the Computer Graphics course. It includes an animated

3D Model with Skybox and textures as well as collision detection. The project

was coded in C++ and OpenGL. Code repository can be found  here.

  • Supermarket Cashier System (C++ , 4-man team).

A simple console application that provides the user with the available products
in the supermarket with their prices, users can choose any amount of items and
will be presented with their total price along with all information regarding
payment. The project was in my 1st year in the 1st semester.

  • 140 Phone Bill system (SQL Database, 4-man team).

An online phone billing system complete implementation with mySQL.
A Use-Case
diagram, Class diagram and Relational Structure
was made.


Technical Skills:
  • Languages: C++; C#; Java; Assembly; SQL; HTML; JavaScript ; Prolog.
  • Concepts: Analysis and Design of Algorithms; Object Oriented Programming; Data
  • Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio; Microsoft LightSwitch; Microsoft SQL Server; Eclipse,
    Unity game engine, XNA game engine, SFML graphics library, OpenGL.
Soft Skills:
  • Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Presentation and Communication skills, Self
    Learning, Self-Motivation,
    Teamwork, Mentoring Skills.
  • Arabic, mother tongue.
  • English, fluent.

Extracurricular Activities

  • acmASCIS Active Member (2014 till present).

Participated in the organization of the events (training, contests and spreading
-knowledge) organized by the
acmASCIS Student Chapter.

  • acmASCIS “Publicity and Documentation Committee” Member (2014-2015).

Responsible for the media campaign and live streaming for any event, training or
activity, managing and providing any content for the website and social media and
sharing announcements. Writing the required documents by the chapter and the
general meetings' conclusions.



acmASCIS Honorary Certificate

awarded by acmASCIS

acmASCIS Certificate for the amazing contributions and professionalism in Publicity


Available upon request.