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Oct 1995May 1999

B.Sc Hotel Management

Sinai High Institute for Tourism and Hotels.

Work experience

Apr 2012Present

Relationship Manager (Trader)

Mubasher For Securities
  • Follow up client’s portfolios (stocks/cash) on a daily basis
  • Meet the technical and fundamental analysis staff to receive the market daily reports.
  • Meet the margin call responsible and receive the client’s credit reports on a daily basis.
  • Follow up the trading session and settle the client’s credit.
  • Follow up and contact the clients and update them with the financial and technical reports as per their stocks.
  • Follow up the margin related to T+0 client’s
  • Responsible for handle the client’s technical problems.
  • Responsible for solving client’s technical problems
  • Keep a record for all the steps and procedures that have been taken as a reference when needed.
  • Keep a record for any problem and any action done to be used as a reference in case of recurrence of this problem.
  • Solve the problem and Ensure customer satisfaction, and get the client’s confirmation of having the problem solved.
  • Achieve at least 97% of the level of customer’s satisfaction to achieve the required quality of service.
  • Follow all procedures and policies correctly.
  • Implement the action plan and monthly sales target.
  • Carry out any other task as assigned.
Jul 2009Sep 2011

Relationship Manager (Trader)

( Mirage Brokerage )
Nov 2006Jun 2009

Relationship Manager (Trader)

(El Etehad For Securities )


now i'm studying certified portfolio manager (CPM) at Egyptian Investment Management Association (EMA)
Technical Analysis in the Stock market from Fuculty Of Commerce, Cairo University, (with v.good grade)

 The study covered 18 hours with practical training  on real life trading data of the   Egyptian Stock Exchanges.  The program coverd the following topics

                                      - Technical Analysis Definition.

                                        - Approaches of Technical Analysis.

                                        - Technical vs Fundamental Analysis.

                                        - Concepts of Technical Analysis.

                                        - Charts Formation and Types.

                                        - Trend Definition and Types.

                                        - Support and Resistance.

                                        - Reversal Patterns.

                                        - Continuation patterns.

                                        - Moving Averages.

                                        - Oscillators.

                                       - Candlessticks

license accounts Manager from the Egyptian Capital Market Association (ECMA) and from The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authorityy