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Sheridan G. Lardner is currently a student at the University of Chicago and is studying philosophy and history. He is set to graduate in May of 2011 with his Bachelor’s Degree. Sheridan strives to excel in everything he does. He is not only an excellent student academically, but has also committed himself to extracurricular activities that allow him to cultivate and learn more about his own personal interests and skills.

For example, as an active individual, Lardner enjoys playing water polo, and practicing tae kwon do and krav maga. In addition, Sheridan is a member of such prestigious organizations and clubs as the Maroon Newspaper, the Gaming Guild, the philosophy club, the tae kwon do club, and the krav maga club. In his free time, he enjoys martial arts, Legoes, Dungeons and Dragons, and maintaining and writing for his website, His works of fiction, philosophy, speculation and various other essays appear on this site.

Mr. Lardner is an avid reader and loves learning new things via novels and literature. Some of his favorite authors include Edgar Allan Poe, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ambrose Bierce, Nathaniel Hawthorne, James Joyce, Mike Mignola, Thomas Carlyle, George Bernard Shaw, and Tolkien. A few of his favorite books are On Heroes and Hero Worship, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Pilgrim's Progress, On Liberty, Ulysses, The Brothers K, Crime and Punishment, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, The Book of the Five Rings, Candide, Leviathan, Hellboy, Forgotten Realms, Lord of the Rings, and The Prince.

As an active member of the Field Museum of Natural History, Sheridan displays his love for his community as well as our planet’s rich history. For the past four years, Sheridan has held the position of a teen summer volunteer, in which position he has guided tours, trained new volunteers, and told stories to patrons.


Work experience

Social Work Intern

Alternatives, Inc.


Intern with Alternatives through the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration


Case management for clients. Career and employment services for young people. Counseling with referrals.