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A strategist and CEO, I am skilled in business turnaround, acquisitions, management team development and business growth. With over 20 years of experience in building businesses across Asia, Europe and the Americas I have a track record, across a number of different industries, in:

· Adapting customer value propositions, supply chains, sales channels and marketing strategies in order to enter new market segments and win business against aggressive low-cost competition.

· Evaluating, negotiating and integrating business acquisitions and joint-ventures in China and India.

· Driving organisational and cultural change.

· Increasing the efficiency of manufacturing and project-engineering operations in terms of procurement, productivity, on-time delivery, fixed costs, working capital management and quality.

· Creating financial transparency to enable sales teams to be focused upon profitable growth segments and engineering / manufacturing teams upon cutting delivery costs.

· Re-evaluating market partners in key geographies and either replacing them or redefining the nature of our partnership.

Work experience

Jan 2008Present

President Asia Pacific

3A Composites (formerly Alcan Composites)
A Swiss headquartered global manufacturer of composite materials used in construction ( and graphic arts (

Based in Singapore.

Internally promoted to turn around and grow the group’s building materials and graphic arts businesses in Asia. Over the previous five years, these Asian businesses had lost significant market share and had consistently delivered losses. By 2010 we will have doubled revenues within three years and will deliver the highest percentage profit of any of the group’s global building materials businesses. This turnaround has been achieved by:

· Re-engineering our customer offering and supply chain in order to move from a niche high-end market into the larger and rapidly growing middle-market which had previously been dominated by aggressive competition from China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

· Developing strong management teams in China and India which have been fully staffed with local talent.

· Acquiring three additional manufacturing operations in China and India to extend our customer offering and geographic penetration. In all three cases I personally led target screening, due diligence, negotiation and integration.

· Increasing the efficiency of our Asian manufacturing operations in terms of procurement, productivity, fixed costs, working capital management and quality.

·Changing a historic sales strategy focused upon fabricators, which inevitably led to discussions dominated by price, to a sales and marketing focus upon architects and building owners. This has secured our early-stage influence upon product specifications and, as a result, enabled us to more successfully differentiate our customer offering and reduce the power of fabricators to switch to lower-cost alternatives.

·Developing direct sales and technical support teams in China and India.

·Re-evaluating third party sales channels in key geographies which, in some cases has led to their termination, and in other cases to a redefinition of our partnership and customer offering.

May 2005Dec 2007

Global Strategy Director

3A Composites (formerly Alcan Composites)
Based in Switzerland & Singapore. A global manufacturer of composite materials used in building construction ( As Strategy Director of the group's global building materials business, I defined a strategy for the turnaround and growth of its underperforming businesses in Asia and South America.

Head of Change Management

Colt Telecom

Based in Switzerland & UK

A provider of business telecommunications services with operations in thirteen European markets.

I was recruited to implement a restructuring of Customer Services and to cut £2.5 million of operating cost transitioning back office customer service operations to our newly created Indian off-shoring operation.



Thomas Group

Based in Switzerland & USA

I was employed as a consultant within this global management consulting firm which specialises in change management and business process improvement (



Telepix Inc

A division of the Swiss photo-processing equipment group Gretag. Telepix designed and built photo-sharing e-business platforms for European and North American retailers. I was recruited by Gretag to turn around this loss-making acquisition and, within 12 months, delivered EBIT breakeven and positive free cash flow by:

  • Introducing financial transparency to enable a focus upon key improvement areas in financial/operational efficiency.
  • Outsourcing non-core hardware assembly and field installation tasks. This cut product costs by 20% and field costs by 40%, released $3 million of tied-up working capital and dramatically improved quality of service.
  • Restructuring the customer offering and sales channels to gain access to new markets.


Buhler India

A division of the Swiss engineering group Buhler ( Buhler India designs and builds food processing plants and provides project-engineering services to other Buhler entities across the globe.

Internally promoted, to turn around and grow Buhler’s worst performing subsidiary, I delivered a 50% revenue increase, 22 percentage points EBIT growth, positive free cash flow and a reduction of all working capital loans to zero inside 24 months by:

· Creating product, client and segment financial transparency which enabled me to focus the sales team upon profitable growth and the project-engineering team upon cutting project delivery costs.

· Re-engineering our customer offering in order to move from a niche high-end market into the larger and rapidly growing middle-market which had previously been dominated by local competitors. This business model was later exported into other emerging economies.

·Restructuring the supply chain and raising efficiencies in project engineering and manufacturing which resulted in a reduction of project costs and lead-times by an average of 50%.

·Raising efficiency in project engineering and product development to dramatically cut time to market for new offerings. This enabled us to take the lead, against our competitors, in gaining access to new markets.

·Raising quality and on-time delivery in manufacturing and project engineering. This cut the cost of claims/rework by over 40% and cut accounts receivable by over 80%.

I also negotiated a transformation of the company, from a joint venture with a hostile joint-venture partner, into a wholly owned foreign enterprise.




B.Sc. Hons

University of Essex