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Profit Producers and Award Winne

Work experience


Marketing Manager

Wayne Homes by Centex

Managing Editor


Bachelor of Arts


Nany Moeller

For more than 10 years, Nancy and I worked at Merrill Corporation as well as on independent projects. Her thoroughness and detailed knowledge helped me to write the best copy for each client down the Nth degree.

Michelle Munson

Michelle and I worked together for 13 years at Merrill Corporation. Our collaborative efforts produced several award-winning pieces as well as profit-increasing sales for our internal department as well as several Fortune 500 clients.

We still stay in touch.


Email Marketing
Email marketing based on target marketing segmentation, place in the sales funnel or intent of message. All levels of email marketing, based on nurturing relationships of  prospects, leads and customers. Marketing that helps you stay in touch, be first in mind and build client trust to consider you the go-to person in your field.
Social Media Marketing
Facebook fan pages, LinkedIn business pages, groups and more to add interactivity to your marketing mix.
Building WordPress Websites
I can build awesome WordPress websites loaded with extras for a reasonable price. You won't believe all of the features you'll get. SEO-based on-page optimization copy and keywords is included. Off-page SEO to rank the site is additional.
Internet Marketing
I think that internet marketing, although a part of overall marketing, is separate and should have its own category. Internet marketing is so much more fluid and agile than traditional offline marketing. I find it fascinating to see what works and what doesn't - or even what works with one audience (moving away from pain) may not work with another audience (moving toward pleasure). Interesting stuff and I'll be mesmerized forever.
I study SEO and SEM under some of the best internet marketers online. I learn something new weekly if not daily and try to implement that knowledge quickly as the net changes so fast. There is so much to learn with on-page and off-page SEO and the big G changes algorithms often.
I was the regional marketing manager for a home builder. Each region required specific tactics that worked better there. I was responsible for approximately $750,000 marketing budget, yet I through the relationships I developed with my vendors, I was always able to get better than published rates. We tracked, measured and tweaked campaigns. Currently, I rely heavily on email marketing and find that it works great. I still insist on the personal touch - through phone calls, in-person visits and hand-written thank-yous to solidify that personal relationship building!
As a managing editor I developed editorial calendars, hired and oversaw freelancers and internal staff and stayed on budget and on deadline 100% of the time, even if it meant taking on the project to finish it myself.
Copywriter for Fortune 500 corporations as well as one-owner companies. I've written for financial, insurance, healthcare, real estate, construction, travel, lifestyle and much more.

Marketing Mainstays


"Shelley took me from nothing to a gorgeous website and social media marketing presence overnight."

~Liz, owner, Elizabeth Salon and Spa


Advertising Federation

International Association of Business Communicators

Women In Communication, Inc.

Editor's Forum


Shelley K. Luzaich

"Providing results-driven sales and marketing campaigns on budget and on time."

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic research, planning and implementing
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Productivity and efficiency improvements
  • Bottom-line focus with top-of-the-line outcomes
  • Integrated communication from print to Web 2.0
  • Attentive to customer service and quality issues
  • Conceptual thinker to assist in design process
  • Creative, concise and convincing copy for results