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My name is Shelby Chambers-Garcia. I attend San Clemente High School, I’ve earned All-County, All-CIF and All-League honors, as well as the team’s Offensive MVP award for soccer. I am an AP and honors student. I am a very diligent and organized person. I am known to get the job done quickly and perfectly, with my diligent attributes.

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

JWC Environmental

I have been an intern at JWC Environmental. I was the receptionist at the head desk. I would transfer calls to the different locations all over the world. I would also help them if they had questions about their equipment. I was in charge of the mall, Iwould sort it and send it to the different offices. When the wastewater treatment magizines came out monthly, I had to go through them and label our competition. I would then log it in the computer. As the receptionist, I would recieve emails requestiong information on the different equipment. I would then send them brochures and DVD's on the information. After having this job for several weeks, I was promoted into the Marketing Department. Before that, I helped find a new receptionist and trained them with the different tasks needed for the job. In the Marketing Depratment, I was held in charge of the making and design of the two year calendar. I hired a graphic designer to help me create the design. Then once we had what I wanted, I held a conference with the head business men in charge of the company. There, I presented them with my idea and design. After I got the okay, I sent the copy to a printer where they ran off thousands of copies. I then packed and sent all the calendars to our reps and different offices all over the world. My next assignment was the making of the golden pin, which was a reward that some employees got for their accomplishments made through the year. After creating a golden cutter design, I then sent it to a pin company. They made the amount needed and mailed them to me. After accopmlishing the pin orders, I was put in charge of coordinating the annual Christmas dinner. I did research on several locations, then met with the CEO to see which location he prefered. I then called the location up and made a reservation for the date. Those are some typical jobs i hae been in charge of while working at JWCE.


Sep 2006Present

San Clemente Highschool

I currently attend San Clemente Highschool. I have been going here since my freshmen year. I am a good student and have maintained a high GPA throughout my years of attendence. I was on varisty track my freshman year, and i have been on varsity soccer the past three years. Out of those three years, my team has won CIF twice in a row and the state title. We are also currently ranked number one in the nation. I also played JV tennis this past year. I am now recieving a scholarship for soccer to attend the University of Pepperdine after I graduate highschool in 2010.