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About Sheila R Vitale

Sheila R. Vitale, the founder of Living Epistles Ministries (LEM), has managed the New York-based teaching ministry since 1988. She writes and publishes a range of Judeo-Christian literature as part of her leadership role with LEM, including the three-part series The Alternate Translation of the Old Testament, The Alternate Translation of the New Testament, and the Alternate Translation of the Book of Revelation. Under the direction of Sheila R. Vitale, LEM has donated a high percentage of its annual income in the form of tithes and freewill offering to organizations that provide social services to underprivileged populations.

After serving 12 years with LEM, Sheila R. Vitale took on a second position as the founder and manager of Christ-Centered Kabbalah (CCK), an organization that distributes free written material through its online reading room, based upon her original research in the Torah and Philosophical Kabbalah. Ms. Vitale, along with other LEM and CCK teachers, dedicated the new LEM/CCK Building in Gray Court, South Carolina, in February of 2016.

Work experience

Jan 1988Present

Pastor, Teacher, Founder

Living Epistles Ministries