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Sep 2009May 2012

Bachelor of Arts

Rowan University

Rowan University Athletics Student Assistant                                                                          2009-2011

Rowan Football, Baseball, and Men's Basketball Manager

Football- Assist with game day operations, Filming the games from the wide and tight shots; Editing Rowan and Scout Team game film; Separating film by plays and Offence/Defense/Special Teams; Writing stats into game film; Creating play PowerPoints; Designing flyers for events; Completing and assisting with administrative tasks

Baseball & Basketball- Assist with game day operations,Film and edit games; assist with any pregame preparations; write game statistics, Assist in recruiting process

Work experience

Apr 2008Present

Event Lead

EBE/Events and Entertainment
  • Promote company for further business at event and via social media.
  • Assist in pre-party preparation and event planning.
  • Create and implement event agenda, ensuring synergy by coordinating with all vendors and client.
  • Develop a positive and high-energy environment.
Aug 2006Present

Promotional Model, Brand Ambassador, Marketing Lead, Event Supervisor, Area Marketing Manager

Independent Contractor
  • Implementing the face-to-face and viral advertising techniques at special events.
  • Engaging customers to build a brand relationship while promoting brand loyalty.
  • Offering brand identity while enhancing its competitive edge. 
  • Documenting sales and highlights post-promotion to identify specific beneficial marketing strategies

Events & Clients: MLB World Series, NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, AC Food & Wine Festival,

Anheuser-Busch, H&M, Colgate Palmolive,, Beam Inc, Swedish Match, Heineken, etc.

Dec 2012Present

Preschool Teacher

Children of America
  • Teaching children daily assigned curriculum for developing basic skills and knowledge in preparation for Kindergarten.
  • Engaging students via songs, projects, and various interactive games to broaden their learning experience.
  • Assisting social workers with foster children's care by observing and documenting children's behavior.
Dec 2012Present

PR/Marketing Volunteer

Capture The Dream
  • Assist with brand optimization.
  • Enhancing organization's SEO.
  • Promote nonprofit with effective messaging. 
  • Updating media kits and website. 


Praxis Certifications


Volunteer/ Community Outreach Work/ Activities

Security on Campus: Campus Safety Awareness Campaign, Policy Collaboration and Initiative with OCR

Pageants: National American Miss NJ State Finalist 2005; National American Miss NJ Miss Personality 2005; Children's Miracle Network; Eating Disorder/ Healthy Body Image Awareness; Queens for a Cause

Voorhees Pediatrics Facility: Outstanding Volunteer

Competition Cheerleading: Six Time National Champion

Tutoring ESL students, Project 540, A Sporting Chance,, Organ Donor Day,

Personal Enterprises

  • Face-painting
  • Henna
  • Event Planning and Promotion
  • Nanny
  • Calligraphy
  • Dance Teacher
  • Bridal Hair & Makeup

Personal Blog

Why I chose PR

    Public Relations is an innate quality for me because as an optimistic person, it's my way of life. For example, every crisis is an opportunity to prove your strength and dependability as a person and/or company. Crisis is inevitable so why not use it to your advantage? I love PR because the profession itself is about hope, and  "hope is the greatest gift of all." I am able to not only offer creative solutions during crisis, but also identify hidden opportunities for expansion.  By fulfilling a company's obligation towards CSR, I am able to help the community while enhancing the company's image and prominence. PR is the voice for the silenced and the spread of awareness to create growth, after all knowledge is power. I truly believe positive intentions accompanied by assertive actions will inevitably attract beneficial circumstances and this profession allows me to make a career based on positive change. It allows me to be the change I wish to see in the world while using my creativity to attract and motivate others to follow the same path for reaching their ideal state.

    Einstein once said, "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing its stupid." PR allows me to tap into other vendors' expertise by building and maintaining relationships for reaching mutually beneficial goals through a successful PR plan. We live in a "fend for yourself" society, while PR is a "team sport" which guarantees superior PR plans because it is sustained by joint expertise.  Two hands are always stronger than one.

    PR is challenging because it is creating and/or changing perception and since perception is reality, it is a PR person's job to change a company's reality. It is what makes PR so exciting for me because I have always been allured by healthy challenges. A flaw yet strong suit of mine is that I tend to think more outside the box than I do in it which is what makes me a beneficial asset in the PR field. My background in psychology and versatile experience in the communication field is what has helped me become a strategic communicator.  My experiences taught me the importance of target audience research for effective communication.  Research is crucial for ensuring message clarity so that my target audiences will receive, interpret and respond the way it was intended.

    "Find your passion and do what you love, so that you'll never work a day in your life." This advice has been said to me in many different variations throughout my life. I am lucky to say that I have adhered to that advice and am pursuing a career in a field that allows my versatile qualities to shine, from creativity to communication. It ensures that every day of work will be exciting and passion in work inevitably leads to productivity with success.


Public Relations and Media Related Experience

PRAction: Rowan University's student-run public relations firm.

Clients: PRSA NJ, Pet Savers, The Haven                                  9/2009-12/2011

Title: Pet Savers, Account Manager                                        Awards: PRAction Outstanding Participant (2)


  • Conduct preliminary PR research: survey, focus group, interviews and secondary research.
  • Determine client's real state and ideal state
  • Produce and propose PR plan with detailed timeline and budget justified by objectives, strategies and tactics essential for reaching client's ideal state.
  • Craft and distribute press kits.
  • Design promotional materials: brochures, advertisements, etc.
  • Organize, plan, promote and implement special events.
  • Counsel client on SEO, Search Engine Optimization.
  • Establish mutually beneficial partnerships with like organizations
  • Promote client's message while engaging established and/or potential consumers through social media.
  • Redesign website and logo for prominent identification and cohesive messaging.
  • Fulfill clients CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, via fundraising events while attracting free publicity.
  • Confirm PR Plan's success and benefits by conducting evaluation research.

Fox Sports                                                                

Production Assistant/Runner                                                                                                    09/2009-10/2011

Attending games to assist the production team and on-camera talent with tasks for successfully broadcasting the game. Hands on experience with all functions involved in national broadcasted professional sporting events.

Technical Skills

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop-Graphic Design, DVSport, Social Media, Blogging, Webpage Design, Adobe Premiere/ Final Cut Pro-Video Editing, QuarkExpress, InDesign

PR Internships: All That Jazz Dance & Gymnastics Studio

                    Twin Oaks Community Services: Foster Yes Program

PRSSA National Conference: November 2009; October 2010; October 2012

Attended numerous workshops, information and networking sessions. Exposed and trained in the PR profession's latest effective strategic and tactical approaches. Networked with PR professionals and other PRSSA students pursing a career in PR.

Volunteer/ Host at High Profile Events: Fantasy Football Rotobowl Event; Atlantic City, NJ                                        9/2010

Philadelphia Sports Writers Association Dinner: Cherry Hill, NJ                                               2/2010

Gazelle Group: Legends Classic Tournament: Atlantic City, NJ                                              11/2009

Philly Ad Club Holiday Party: Philadelphia, NJ                                                                         12/2011